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Fleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit

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Faction Klingon-aligned.pngFleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit
Klingon Battle Cruiser (K't'inga).png
Rank background icon.png
Lieutenant General Rank icon (Klingon).png
Upgrade cost:
Upgrade.png Requires an Upgrade Token
Battle Cruiser

Hull (T5-U):
Shield modifier:
Fore 4 Aft 4
Can equip dual cannons.

Bridge Officers:
Lieutenant Tactical Ensign Tactical Commander Engineering Lieutenant Commander Engineering Lieutenant Science
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 3 Console eng icon.png 4 Console sci icon.png 3
Console (T5-U):
Console tac icon.png +1

Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+10 engine power
20,000Fleet Credits
4Fleet Ship Module icon.png

The Fleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit is a General (Tier 5) level Klingon Battle Cruiser vessel. Players can obtain the vessel through the Shipyard for 20,000 Fleet Credits and 4 Fleet Ship Module icon.png, as long as the player's Fleet has a Tier I shipyard.

Its lineage can be traced back to the D7 class encountered by Starfleet in the 23rd century.

Alternative Variants[edit | edit source]

Class Information
Klingon Battle Cruiser (K't'inga).png
The K't'inga class class is a prime example of the classic Klingon cruiser design, having its warp nacelles on fixed pylons with a feather pattern, and a large spheroid forward section on a long neck. The K't'inga class was first introduced in the early 2270s, but despite the vessel's age its popularity among officers of the Klingon Defense Force remains strong.
Klingon Battle Cruiser (K't'inga Refit).png
K't'inga-class (refit)
The aging K't'inga class was refitted near the turn of the 25th century, updating a classic design to more modern requirements. It features a standard Klingon design with fixed wings that lead to the nacelles at the aft section of the ship, a neck stem connected to the main hull and the bridge located towards the front. The default design that players will get when they acquire the ship is that of the refit model. They can change it once for free at a ship customization officer although subsequent changes will cost Energy Credits.
Klingon Battle Cruiser (Koro't'inga).jpg
The Koro't'inga variant is based on the first K't'inga design and has a thinner neck with braces. The hull is also thinned out which is dissimilar to typical Klingon rugged designs. It is clearly based on the unused D4 design that would have featured in early episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Admiralty Ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty Klingon.png
Shipshot Battlecruiser 1 Retrofit Fleet.png
Shipshot Frame Engineering Klingon.png
Shipshot Frame Veryrare.png
Adm eng kdf.png 46 Adm tac kdf.png 31 Adm sci kdf.png 21
+10 ENG per EngShip

Performance[edit | edit source]

Compared to other KDF Battle Cruisers at this Tier, the Fleet K't'inga Retrofit has lower Hull and Shield Strength, but compensates by having a superior Turn Rate (11) and a higher Inertia Rating (35), making it the most agile of the Battle Cruisers. With 4 fore and 4 aft weapons slots in addition to a Cloak and the ability to mount Dual Cannons, it is well-suited to putting this agility to use.

The Fleet K't'inga is also interesting in that it has a well-balanced Console set-up, being the only Battle Cruiser other than the Fleet Kamarag Battlecruiser Retrofit to carry 3 Science consoles. In addition to 4 Engineering Consoles, this can make the ship remarkably durable in spite of its lower Hull and Shield Strength, as well as very flexible overall. The Bridge Officer setup is also versatile, though favoring Engineering over Science and Tactical.

Starship Mastery[edit | edit source]

Starship Mastery
Absorptive Hull Plating
Absorptive Hull Plating
Absorptive Hull Plating
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Hull Plating
Enhanced Hull Plating
Enhanced Hull Plating
Armored Hull
Armored Hull
Armored Hull
Level Name Description
I Absorptive Hull Plating +25 Physical Damage Resistance Rating.
+25 Kinetic Damage Resistance Rating.
II Enhanced Weapon Banks +15% Critical Severity.
III Enhanced Hull Plating +25 All Energy Damage Resistance Rating.
+25 Radiation Damage Resistance Rating.
IV Armored Hull +10% Hull Hitpoints.
V No Starship Trait specified
VI Account-Wide Reclaim Unlock Complete this tier of Starship Mastery to be allowed to claim this starship on any character on this account.

Abilities[edit | edit source]


The Fleet K't'inga Battle Cruiser Retrofit has a cloak that allows the ship to cloak when not in combat, granting stealth and a damage bonus upon decloaking.

Cruiser Commands[edit | edit source]

As a battle cruiser, this ship supports the following cruiser commands.

Standard Configuration[edit | edit source]

Klingon starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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