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The Federation flagship in 2410

A Flagship is a title for a ship hosting a flag officer, or the most prestigious ship in a fleet; the flagship of the Federation has typically been the current iteration of the U.S.S. Enterprise, regardless of whether she hosted a flag officer. Flagships in Star Trek Online include;

State/Figure Contemporary Historic
United Federation of Planets U.S.S. Enterprise-F U.S.S. Enterprise (23rd century)
Cardassian Union C.U.V. Tain
The Cooperative Cooperative Flagship
Culleh (Kazon) Maje Culleh's Flagship
Dominion Odo's Flagship
D'Vak U.S.S. Victory
Ferengi Alliance F.M.S. Grand Nagus
Iconian Iaidon Dreadnought (various)
Klingon Empire I.K.S. Bortasqu'
Kobali K.D.C. Samsar
Romulan Republic R.R.W. Lleiset R.R.W. Deihu
Sela Sela's Flagship I.R.W. Leahval
Terran Empire I.S.S. Enterprise
I.S.S. Kirk
I.S.S. London
I.S.S. Sato
I.S.S. Sisko
I.S.S. Stadi
I.S.S. Venture
I.S.S. Molly
I.S.S. Charon
Tholian Assembly Tholian Flagship
Zelk (Malon) Zelk's Flagship

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