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Federation Environmental Suit (Dsc)

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Federation Environmental Suit (Dsc) icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Federation Environmental Suit (Dsc)
Very Rare Body Armor
Character Bind On Pickup
Cannot Equip more than 1 of this Item
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+76.2 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
+76.2 Physical Damage Resistance Rating
+25.4 Energy Damage Resistance Rating
+25.4 Environmental Damage Resistance Rating
+45.5 Maximum Hitpoints
+0.34 Health Regeneration
+25.4 Root Resistance Rating
+25.4 Knockback Resistance Rating

Activate Environmental Suit

Environmental Protection

1 sec recharge
Reaction Thrusters

Spacejump to navigation point up to 45 meters away

Value: 200 Lobi Crystal icon.png

Federation Environmental Suit (Dsc) is am Environmental Suit obtainable from the Lobi Crystal Consortium. It is based on the EVA suit worn in the Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Vulcan Hello".

Ground Weapons
Damage Type Pistol Rifle Assault Melee
& Other
Expose Exploit Expose Exploit Expose
Standard Weapons and Special Weapons
Elite Fleet Ground Weapons (standard + extra proc)
Reputation and Lock Box (dual-proc and new proc)
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