Explosive Party Popper

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Explosive Party Popper
Very Rare Ground Device
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Anniversary Gift. Equip in a Device Slot and activate to create festive effects.
Add some festive cheer to your vicinity in one of five fun but harmless ways.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Explosive Party Popper icon.png
Very rare icon.png

The Explosive Party Popper is one of several rewards that the player could choose from after meeting Q during the One Year Anniversary Event. On meeting Q he gave the chance to answer some Star Trek Trivia related questions in order to gain some Anniversary exclusive items - namely the Skill Boost and the Party Popper.

The Party Popper gives no benefit. Rather it serves as a comical gift and a way to show participation during the One Year Anniversary event. It allows the player to randomly generate a number of different effects.

It has 5 modes, randomly activated when the player "uses" the item, either shooting out Tribbles, rays of disco-style light or smoke (like the Fire Extinguisher from "Researcher Rescue"). Users with Graphics settings lowered will see no effects.

"What's this, a fire extinguisher? Silly mortals, always worried about painful burns and destruction or property. Where's the fun? I can find a more festive use for this ... Q"

Explosive Party Popper
The Explosive Party Popper has a random chance to use one of the five different effects: Laser Lights, Tribbles, Fireworks, Confetti, or Smoke.

Maintain (4 max)
Affects anything alive
15.24 metre range; 45 degree cone
0.8 sec activate
Add some festive cheer to your vicinity in one of five fun but harmless ways.