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Experimental Weapon

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Experimental Weapons are a type of starship equipment which can be equipped on certain starships that have an Experimental Weapon slot. Most ships do not have an Experimental Weapon slot. Tier 5, Tier 5-U and Tier 6 Raiders and all Tier 5, Tier 5-U and Tier 6 starships with a Tactical Commander station, 7 weapons, and 1 or fewer Hangar Bays receive an Experimental Weapons Slot and have by default a basic upgradeable Experimental Weapon. There are several types of Experimental Weapon, listed below.

Unlike standard starship weapons, Experimental Weapons are not affected by weapon firing modes or enhancements in most cases, such as those granted by bridge officer abilities or specific consoles.

Players who have access to a ship with an Experimental Weapon slot may claim an Experimental Hyperexcited Ion Stream Projector from the Reclaim tab of the Dilithium Store (for 0 Dilithium).

Types of Experimental Weapons[edit | edit source]

Experimental Weapon Source
Experimental Hyperexcited Ion Stream Projector icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Hyperexcited Ion Stream Projector Default / Dilithium Store
Experimental Dual Warhead Launchers icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Dual Warhead Launchers Miradorn Theta Class Heavy Raider
Experimental Flak Shot Artillery icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Flak Shot Artillery Competitive Wargames Reputation (Tier III)
Experimental Protomatter-Laced Sheller icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Protomatter-Laced Sheller Tzenkethi Shuk-din Escort
Experimental Proton Charge icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Proton Charge Xindi-Reptilian Sistruus Escort
Experimental Railgun icon.pngVery rare icon.png Experimental Railgun Caitian Shikaris Escort, Ferasan Slithus Escort, Hathos Warbird
Slamshot Magnetic Artillery icon.pngVery rare icon.png Slamshot Magnetic Artillery Amarie-class Smuggler's Heavy Escort
Voice of the Prophets icon.pngVery rare icon.png Voice of the Prophets Denorios-class Bajoran Interceptor
Alliance Hypercannon icon.pngVery rare icon.png Alliance Hypercannon Andorian Pilot Escorts, Dewan Pilot Escorts, Lethean Pilot Escorts
Phlogiston Projector icon.pngVery rare icon.png Phlogiston Projector Maquis Raider
Field-Distortion Overcharge Pulse icon.pngVery rare icon.png Field-Distortion Overcharge Pulse Jem'Hadar Vanguard Heavy Raider
Rapid Pulse Ablating Mining Laser icon.pngVery rare icon.png Rapid Pulse Ablating Mining Laser Hur'q Ravager Escort Carrier
Graviton Implosion Charges icon.pngVery rare icon.png Graviton Implosion Charges Mirror Escort Carrier, Lobi Crystal icon.png Store
Hypercharged Field Projector icon.pngVery rare icon.png Hypercharged Field Projector Shran Light Pilot Escort, M'Chla Pilot Bird-of-Prey
Agonized Subatomic Disintegrator icon.pngVery rare icon.png Agonized Subatomic Disintegrator Mirror Crossfield Science Destroyer, Lobi Crystal icon.png Store
Invasive Coilgun icon.pngVery rare icon.png Invasive Coilgun Section 31 Intel Science Destroyer, Lobi Crystal icon.png Store
Soliton Wave Impeller icon.pngVery rare icon.png Soliton Wave Impeller Risian corvette (T6)

Notes[edit | edit source]

Experimental Weapons can be upgraded using the Beam Weapons Tech Upgrades, Cannon Weapons Tech Upgrades or Universal Tech Upgrades. They will receive an additional modifier on successful quality improvement:

Ultra Rare [CrtX] +2% Critical Chance
+10% Critical Severity
Epic [Ac/Dm] +10 Accuracy Rating
+X Damage