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Eridon Nebula

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Faction Neutral.pngEridon Nebula
Sanek Sector
Beta Quadrant

Zenas Expanse Sector Map.png

The Eridon Nebula is a system located in the Sanek Sector of the Beta Quadrant. The Eridon Nebula is a region of space serving as Exploration Cluster.

System Description[edit | edit source]

The Eridon Nebula is home to many dust-filled systems that formed long ago and left behind large amounts of uncoalesced matter. The region is often credited with mysterious ship disappearances.

Duty Officer Assignments[edit | edit source]

  • Biological Analysis in the Eridon Nebula .
  • Botanical Analyst in the Eridion Nebula.
  • Establish Logistical Base in the Eridon Nebula.
  • Fortify Colonies in the Eridon Nebula.
  • Geological Analysis in the Eridon Nebula.
  • Industrial Replicator Resupply Run to Colonies in the Eridion Nebula.
  • Medical Supplies Resupply Run to Colonies in the Eridon Nebula.
  • Trade Negotiations with Ingenious Groups in the Eridon Nebula.
  • Water Purification System Resupply Run to Colonies in the Eridon Nebula.

Accolades[edit | edit source]

  • Eridon Wanderer Explore the Eridon Nebula 15 Times
  • Eridon Nomad Explore the Eridon Nebula 35 Times
  • Eridon Explorer Explore the Eridon Nebula 70 Times
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