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DSC Starfleet Engle class (Mob)
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Disambig icon.png This article is about NPC vessel. For playable starship, see Mirror Universe Engle-class Strike Wing Escort.

The Starfleet Engle-class is a small vessel which saw service in the 2250s.

Missions encountered[edit | edit source]

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Vessels of the class[edit | edit source]

Image Named Vessels Mission
U.S.S. Andor.png U.S.S. Andor “Downfall”, “Defense of Starbase One”
U.S.S. Churchill.png U.S.S. Churchill “Downfall”
U.S.S. Cardiff.png U.S.S. Cardiff “Downfall”
USS Cicada.png U.S.S. Cicada “Operation Riposte”
U.S.S. Decatur.png U.S.S. Decatur “Downfall”, “Defense of Starbase One”
U.S.S. Earhart.png U.S.S. Earhart “Battle at the Binary Stars”
U.S.S. Lafayette.png U.S.S. Lafayette “Downfall”, “Defense of Starbase One”
U.S.S. Macedonia.png U.S.S. Macedonia “Downfall”
U.S.S. Roosevelt.png U.S.S. Roosevelt “Downfall”, “Defense of Starbase One”
U.S.S. T'plana-hath.png U.S.S. T'plana-hath “Battle at the Binary Stars”
U.S.S. Vancouver.png U.S.S. Vancouver “Downfall”

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