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The STO team is now over the midway point on the Season 3 update. We have a lot of changes in the schedule to reflect updates that have been happening as we get closer to the release. The biggest notable change is that we moved the update tp December 2nd. This will allow QA more time over the busy holiday season to test all of the new changes and ensure the update is as bug free as possible.

During the upcoming weeks we will continue to release new updates to the game such as the new Featured Episode series featuring the Devidians which debuted last Saturday. This update was also a significant code step included a list of additional game updates that were needed. It unfortunately also introduced some odd bugs, and we expect to have updates this week end next to address those issues.

We are also happy to announce that the Foundry (our mission authoring toolset) will be moving into Beta in the next two weeks. This will be the first step in turning on authoring tools that allow players to create their own missions. At the start we'll be focused on stability and usability with a few guinea pigs who've shown their value as testers on TRIBBLE.

Once we've verified the publishing system is functional and stable, we'll open it up on TRIBBLE for everyone- most likely in the first half of November. We recognize that with a tool such as this, it will take some time of player interaction and feedback to iterate on the functionality of the authoring system. We expect the Foundry to stay in Beta even as we release Season 3. Even though the Foundry will remain in Beta, our goal is that everyone will be able to participate in testing these tools either on on TRIBBLE or HOLODECK as we gather your feedback and play the missions you are creating.

More details about the beta program will be posted as we get closer to opening up the system on TRIBBLE. For now I'm attaching a few screenshots I took today while editing a patrol mission I'm working on. Consider it early alpha sneak peak footage

With the Foundry looming in the immediate future, there are a few other updates below that I wanted to touch on.

Episode Replay is making a re-appearance on the development schedule as we've shifted focus to get this feature up and running before the ability to Alt your bridge officer. We do expect to do both, but with all the new loot coming for episodes, it is important to be able to allow everyone equal access to go back and play these episodes right off the bat.

The exploration sectors continue to be a hot topic for me and while I don't believe we'll be in consensus about how to redesign them for Season 3 launch, you will see more information coming in the upcoming weeks.

End Game replayability is a huge discussion point right now and we want to ensure that as we get past Season 3 and the Foundry Beta release, we start tackling how to add more missions and replayable content for players at max level. Part of this will be tackled with more Featured Episodes, but there is a lot more we can do to give a greater variety to the missions and content you can play any given day. This also includes a massive discussion about end game rewards and the economy which need an overhaul in my opinion.

And don't think I've forgotten about Memory Alpha because I haven't - that is going to be continuing to get love in upcoming updates. You'll also notice that Klingon patrol dailies (any level) are being added for Season 3 release, which coincides with allowing the KDF to craft items and gather anomalies (in their own special way).

The ground combat changes are in the midst of testing, but I suspect will need some bake and feedback on TRIBBLE while everyone debates all the changes for a while before we release it to the general population.

So lots and lots of different little things in the works, but the big focus is the Foundry for season 3 release and ensuring that we have a solid plan moving forward for more content and more end game gameplay as we move towards the Season 3 supplemental updates.

Cheers and as always - post your feedback below as I enjoy reviewing everyone's comments on where we're headed.

Now on to the report...

In Testing[edit | edit source]

These items are currently being tested either on an internal shard or on TRIBBLE

  • Foundry: Mission Creation Tools (Going to Beta Soon!)
  • Devidian Featured Series Episodes (5 Episodes) and Rewards - including updated Devidian Enemy Group
  • Klingon Ships: B'Rel Raider, Orion Cruiser, Gorn Science Vessel, Vor'cha Assault Cruiser, Nausicaan Siege Raider
  • Enterprise Series: NX Class ship, T'Pol Jumpsuit, Enterprise Uniform, Enterprise Mirror Uniform
  • STF Loot Sets - Special items options that visually alter the look of your ship as well as offer set bonuses
  • Episode Specific Rewards
  • New Vulcan Ship
  • TNG: All Good Things Uniform
  • ST: The Motion Picture Uniform
  • Counselor Troi Jumpsuit
  • 7 of 9 Jumpsuit
  • Fix for selling stack of items
  • Updates to the Subspace Field Modulator
  • Fixes for Vor'cha engine trails
  • Fix for Akira class close up texture oddities
  • Fix for characters getting stuck in challenge maps alone
  • Fixes for several ship detail inaccuracies in the ship spacedock information screens
  • Fixes for ship fleet logo issues
  • Updates for several minor bugs in ship customization UI
  • Crafting Stations added to Qo'nos
  • Klingon Patrol missions to gain anamoly (crafting) data.

Under Investigation[edit | edit source]

Here's a short list of issues being looked at as next up on the bug fix list

  • Crashes exiting the 1st episode in the Devidian series
  • Some accounts that are unable to select away team members because they are greyed out
  • Open mission status not appearing in private queues of PVP Space Arena
  • Reports of issues with the Master Recruiter Title
  • One-shot ground mobs in exploration (we are most likely going to nuke every planet found to contain one of these creatures in the future)
  • Bridge Officers getting stuck outside force fields during Hunting the Hunters
  • Master Looter window showing up empty
  • Inability to buy stacks of items
  • Exchange Search Result Oddities
  • Bridge Officers slotted in "extra slots" are unable to be trained
  • Report that B'Tran "Aid the Planet" missions are all giving the same reward item
  • Reports of items you mail to yourself going missing
  • Unassigned Crew not showing rarity in tooltips
  • Some disruptor weapons are using placeholder icons
  • Fleet UI: Fleet Uniform Creation fails to give feedback if the costume is invalid due to locked parts being selected
  • Purchasing items when you have a full inventory does not send a notification
  • Defeated caitain NPC tails continue to move after death
  • Some beard options do not inherit customization colors properly
  • Some projectile weapons do not impact properly on Repair Hulks in PVP maps.
  • Ground costume fleet emblems cannot be applied to your costume until you set a default fleet uniform
  • Kit icons dispay improper numeric overlays
  • Transwarp cooldown timer does not increment on ground maps
  • Numerous STF issues
  • Ship FXs that are jarring or causing issues in combat

In Development[edit | edit source]

These items are actively being worked on by the at this time

  • Sector Space Update: Astrometric view toggle (turns off UI), update system representations, system information screen
  • Episode Replay System
  • Memory Alpha Crafting - Item Set (1 item at top of each tier), additional craftable consumables
  • Opening up Pi Canis Sectors to KDF, adding new repeatable (any level) patrol missions for KDF
  • Redesign for the Remote Contact System with new tab for player made missions, "rate this mission" feature, and ability to search for missions
  • PC Gamer Cover - Open Jacket Uniform
  • New Gorn customization options
  • 200 Day Veteran Reward for Klingon Characters (Shoulder Pads with attached Cloak - to go live with Season 3 release)
  • 300 Day Veteran Rewards
  • Converting chairs to new tech so players can sit in them
  • Adding a listing fee for the exchange
  • More Borg parts for AlienGen
  • More Skirt options
  • Andorian Ship
  • Updating camera movement in the Ship Customization and Costume Tailor UI
  • Adding the ability to ingnore PVP invites
  • UI: adding master looter icon to show in the team UI
  • Adding the ability for Episode Replay to offer initial mission rewards for players who didn't get the reward the first time around

In Design Discussions[edit | edit source]

These issues are actively being discussed to determine feasibility and develop design documentation

  • Private Mission Instance Queue System (Fleet Actions, Episodes, PVP etc)
  • Converting First Officer to Playable Captain
  • First Officer System
  • Fleet Action Updates
  • PVP Queue System Updates
  • Redesign for Exploration Sectors
  • Featured Episode Re-run Weekends (and a way to do this with other existing episodes such as Past Imperfect)
  • Off-Duty Costumes and ways to improve the feature so that costume rules are clearer and better defined
  • More Minigames
  • Reviewing designs of the STFs to determine areas that need improvement and ways to make these episodes better
  • Adding BOFF abilities to power list on the ground (so you can slot them
  • Aenar species
  • Talaxian species
  • Android species
  • Hologram species
  • Revamping VO for contacts
  • VO for Episode Intros
  • Improved Hair Tech
  • STF: The Hive

On Hold/Pending Issues[edit | edit source]

The following issues hit a snag and are either on perma-hold or awaiting further blocking issues to be resolved

  • Enterprise J
  • TOS Enterprise Refit Ship
  • Kzinti

Upcoming C-Store Releases[edit | edit source]

  • Vor'Cha Ship Costume Variant
  • 7 of 9 Jumpsuit Costume Unlock
  • KDF LG (lvl 51) Ship Unlocks (B'Rel, Orion Cruiser, Gorn Science Vessel)
  • Enterprise Bundle Pack: Uniform, Mirror Uniform, T-Pol Jumpsuit, NX Ship

Tribble Test Server[edit | edit source]

Many updates and fixes in the "in testing" section are available for you to check out for yourself on the Tribble Test Server. For a full list of fixes in testing - please refer to the latest Tribble Release Notes.

Keep in mind that not all things we are working on are listed above. See something you're curious about not listed? Check the Calendar first.

Otherwise respond below so we can investigate.

UPDATE[edit | edit source]

Here's a brief update on where things are landing based on current progress To be release prior to Season 3

  • Rest of the Devidian Series
  • New Daily Patrols in Eta Eridani
  • KLG Lvl 51 Ships
  • Enterprise Series Bundle Pack
  • 300 Day Veteran Rewards

Here's the short list of what I currently expect to be live at Season 3 release day.

  • Foundry (Beta)
  • Episode Replay - go back and replay episodes you've already completed
  • Sector Space Visual Revamp
  • Crafting turned on for KLG Faction with fun new ways to get anomalies
  • Pi-Canis Sector turned on for KLG with new repeatable patrols
  • Remote Contact mission UI revamp
  • 200 Day Veteran Reward for KLG
  • More Loot! (new craftable set, STF set, episode specific rewards)

On the maybe list for Season 3 release day (if not shortly after)

  • Sitting in Chairs
  • New Loading Screens
  • New Earth Spacedock Exterior
  • Gorn character customization
  • New playable Vulcan ship
  • All Good Things Uniform
  • Exchange Updates

On the still in the works and coming soon after Season 3 release day

  • Feature Episode Series 3
  • New Ground Combat Mode
  • Remastered Episode Reruns
  • PC Gamer Jacket Uniform
  • Andorian Playable Ship

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