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April 2, 2010[edit | edit source]

In Testing[edit | edit source]

  • STF - "The Khitomer Accord"
  • FX updates for Smoke Grenades
  • Named Elite Critters for Fleet Actions
  • Borg Tactical Cube Updates
  • PVP Map exploit and bug fixes
  • Audio additions for some key episodes and fleet actions
  • Fix for items now showing stack counts in the exchange
  • Fix for TOS Knee High Boots not showing properly on players
  • Additional Fleet Management options
  • PVP scoreboard fixes
  • Social UI and functionality improvements
  • Fix for scrambled ship names on various ship parts

Under Investigation[edit | edit source]

  • Reports of Client Performance drops after Season One update
  • Fix for Full Impulse missing from available powers
  • Bridge Officers not using melee powers as expected
  • Bat'leth attacks and Stealth
  • Salvage Operation not working properly
  • Empty Star Cluster Missions
  • Weapon powers getting stuck and unable to fire
  • Mark of Valor store
  • Klingon Mark of Honor store

In Development[edit | edit source]

  • Difficulty Slider (April)
  • Death Penalty (April)
  • Full Autofire in Space (April)
  • Memory Alpha Improvements (April)
  • Commodity Mission Revamp (April)
  • STF – “Khitomer Accord” (April)
  • STF – “Undine: Terror Dome” (April)
  • TOS Mirror Universe Female Outfit (April)
  • TOS Female Minidress Update (April)
  • Joined Trill - Klingon Faction (April)
  • Exchange Improvements (April)
  • Caitians (April or May)
  • Sitting in Chairs (May)
  • Accolade System (May)
  • Squad Leading - “Sidekicking” (May)
  • Episode Replay (May)
  • STF – "Into the Hive" (June)
  • Trading Existing Bridge Officers (June)
  • Random Bridge Officer Requisition (June)
  • Dabo Minigame (June)
  • Season Two Update – (July)

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