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March 22, 2010[edit | edit source]

Tribble Test Server is Live[edit | edit source]

Many updates and fixes are now available for player testing on the new Tribble Test Server. Instead of redundantly listing all of the fixes in this report - please refer to the latest Tribble Release Notes for a complete run down of everything open for testing. This report will primarily focus on items not yet available for public testing.

New in this update[edit | edit source]

I've added tentative months (based on the Calendar) of when we expect features in development to be released to Holodeck (after they've been tested on Tribble). In addition - Season Two has been tentatively listed as July. Please keep in mind that dates can shift as issues arise. I will endeavor to keep this as up to date with internal schedules as possible.

The team is going to be concurrently working on both the features listed in Development as well as the Season Two update which will contain the majority of the new content. Keep in mind that large scale content such as new hubs, species, playable races, ships, episodes, etc will most likely be in the Season updates and we reserve the right to keep some content we're working on a secret for now

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Under Investigation[edit | edit source]

In Development[edit | edit source]

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