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March 3, 2010[edit | edit source]

In Testing[edit | edit source]

  • Respec options
  • Ground anomalies are not consistently giving the correct level resources
  • PVP Queue updates
  • Fleet Actions will be level banded so that players in the map are within range of each other to make scoring fairer.
  • Renaming your account @name
  • AI pathing and mission fixes for Cage of Fire (Bajoran Fire Caves)
  • Unique items should not be allowed to be equipped multiple times on the same character.
  • Klingon stores selling items for the wrong currency
  • Leveling up and Promotion bugs
  • Klingon skill tree review to remove reference to Fed skills
  • Additional Federation and Klingon Bridges
  • Klingon Star Cluster missions
  • Additional Star Cluster mission types
  • Klingon ship customization for T0 and T5 ships
  • New Fleet Actions and Fleet Action updates for both Fed/Klingon (DS9 Invasion, Gorn Minefield, Breaking the Planet, Romulan Temple, Crystalline Entity)
  • Borg Special Task Forces (For Fed and Klingon players)
  • Klingon access to Borg Sector
  • Multi-faction Borg Deepspace encounters (Fed+Klg players vs Borg)
  • More emotes
  • More Fed and Klingon ship variants at top tiers
  • New Klingon Cruiser
  • Race specific transporter FX
  • Off Duty Outfits
  • Updates to the ship selection rooms
  • Removing the bug where missions would sometimes get stuck in partial complete progress
  • Rereleasing iPVP maps
  • Players getting trapped in geometry in the mission TRAPPED

Under Investigation[edit | edit source]

  • Loading screens freezing the client
  • Players will sometimes encounter mobs much higher than expected in Deepspace encounters
  • Skill descriptions that are confusing or incorrect (on a per case basis)
  • Latency when moving around inventory
  • Long load times when entering Sol System or Earth Space Dock
  • /Stuck command not working in all cases
  • Objective griefing on the Borg Hunt PVP maps
  • Klingon stores not selling expected items
  • Weapon beam FX do not stop and attach to the player as they move around the map
  • Admiral Zelle issues on the Divide et Impera mission
  • Temple Offerings mission is not completing properly
  • Updating the timers on Klingon repeatable missions
  • Faction settings are not being applied properly and powers like “Seduce” can be misused
  • Stealth powers allow interactions that bypass content
  • Problems when applying pips to costumes

In Development[edit | edit source]

  • Death Penalty Options
  • Memory Alpha/Crafting
  • Cross level teaming
  • Multi-Faction “Neutral” social areas
  • Improvements to Repeatable Mission UI
  • Updating player status windows to show the proper ship silhouettes
  • Better notification when players are at the skillcap and skillpoints are converted to BOFF points
  • More non-combat mission varieties
  • Options to make missions more difficult
  • More replayable mission types
  • Ability to trade bridge officers
  • Revamp of commodity missions

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