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Endeavor System/Personal Endeavor Tips

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This is a community-created page listing tips and strategies for completing Personal Endeavors. It is a work in progress, constantly being updated.

General tips[edit | edit source]

  • Having your weapons at a higher Mark level will greatly increase the damage they deal, to help with damage and kill endeavors.
  • The mission “Home” can be used to complete a number of personal endeavors.
    • The first section is immediate space combat, where you can complete:
      • Deal damage (Space)
      • Destroy Hur'q Frigates
      • Hull Healing (Space)
      • Shield Healing (Space)
    • While the ground section, Frontier Medicine, has a large number of Hur'q enemies allowing you to complete these endeavors:
      • All Deal damage (Ground)
      • Defeat Captains (Ground)
      • Defeat Hur'q Attendants (Ground)
      • Healing (Ground)
      • Shield Healing (Ground)
    • If you have multiple characters, complete the space portion and get to "Frontier Medicine" on one character for easy access to the ground portion for those endeavors. Beam out before completing "Frontier Medicine".

Endeavor-specific tips[edit | edit source]

Deal damage (Ground)[edit | edit source]

Deal damage (Space)[edit | edit source]

Defeat foes (Ground)[edit | edit source]

Defeat foes (Space)[edit | edit source]

Complete TFOs[edit | edit source]

TFO Personal Endeavors are probably your best use of Reroll Tokens, as the time and effort required depends on your teammate, and the willingness of players to queue for the TFO in the first place.

  • Borg TFOs: The quickest Borg TFO is likely “The Cure Found”, though “Infected: The Conduit” is also frequently run by other players and can go quickly. Borg TFOs on the ground are much more difficult and time-consuming and should be avoided.
  • Iconian TFOs: The quickest and easiest Iconian TFOs would be “Bug Hunt” (ground) and “Gateway to Gre'thor” (space).
  • Lukari TFOs: There are no quick and easy Lukari TFOs, though one should especially avoid “Gravity Kills”.
  • Competitive Wargrames TFOs: “Binary Circuit” is the quickest and easiest of the Competitive TFOs, though its 10-person requirement and absence from the Random TFO system means it and all the other Competitive TFOs will have much longer public queue times.

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]