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The Endeavor Screen

The Endeavor System is composed of two parts: Universal Endeavors which are game-wide challenges, and Personal Endeavors which are account-specific challenges. Universal Endeavors were added in the Season 13.5 Update, while Personal Endeavors along with Perks were added with the Mirror of Discovery Update for PC players. Console players received Personal Endeavors with the April 2nd, 2019 patch.

Universal Endeavors[edit | edit source]

UI element for an active Endeavor

The Universal Endeavor System is a limited-time challenge based reward system for endgame players (level 60+) in Star Trek Online. Every two to three days (Resets on Monday, Wednesday, Friday) at 17:00 UTC, a new task is distributed server-wide and any in-progress/uncompleted tasks will expire. These challenges range from completing R&D tasks or missions, to dealing damage to enemies with a specific energy type. Upon completion, a small amount of Expertise and Experience Points are awarded along with an [Universal Endeavor Prize Pack] as well as 400 Endeavor XP.

For a list of all known Universal Endeavors, please see the Universal Endeavor List.

Personal Endeavors[edit | edit source]

UI element for active Personal Endeavors

The Personal Endeavor System, much like the Universal Endeavors, are random tasks for Level 60 or higher characters. Every day at 10:00 UTC three randomly assigned tasks are granted of various difficulties - one being easy, one being medium, and one being hard. Unlike Universal Endeavors, these ones are unique for everybody instead of being one game-wide endeavor. Completing Personal Endeavors rewards Endeavor XP and [Personal Endeavor Prize Packs] based on the appropriate difficulty.

Completing an Easy Personal Endeavor will give 650 Endeavor XP and an uncommon Prize Pack. Completing a Medium Personal Endeavor will give 3,200 Endeavor XP and a rare Prize Pack. Completing a Hard Personal Endeavor will give 8,000 Endeavor XP and a very rare Prize Pack.

For a list of known Personal Endeavors, please see the Personal Endeavor List. For tips on how to complete a specific Personal Endeavor objective, please see the Personal Endeavor tips page.

Perks[edit | edit source]

The Perk Screen

All players receive one free perk point upon reaching level 60, or were awarded one upon release of the system. After getting 20,000 Endeavor XP, a new Perk Point becomes available. Players can then spend these Perk Points on account-wide bonuses that apply to all characters equally. There are 30 categories in total - 14 Ground, 16 Space - and each category can have 15 points spent on it, for a total of 450 points. When spending a Perk Point, the system randomly pulls three categories from the above to choose from, except those that are already maxed out.

The entries below link to a related Skill in the game, though it should be noted that for perks that give a percentage boost, they do not boost skill directly and do not all boost them by the equivalent amount. For example, the Hull Regeneration (Space) perk gives +4% per node, which is equivalent to +4 Damage Control skill, while the Max Hull (Space) perk gives +1% per node, which is equivalent to +3.(3) Hull Capacity skill. Other entries are not as directly linked to skills, eg. the Weapon Criticals ground skill boosts both Critical Chance and Severity, but those are separate perks. Visit the linked skill pages to compare their benefits.

Ground Space
Name Boost Max Name Boost Max
Control Resist (Ground) +2 +30 Control Resist (Space) +2 +30
Critical Chance (Ground) +0.5% +7.5% Critical Chance (Space) +0.5% +7.5%
Critical Severity (Ground) +2% +30% Critical Severity (Space) +2% +30%
Damage Resist Alpha (Ground)[1] +1 +15 Damage Resist Alpha (Space)[1] +1 +15
Damage Resist Beta (Ground)[2] +1 +15 Damage Resist Beta (Space)[2] +1 +15
Damage Resist Gamma (Ground)[3] +1 +15 Damage Resist Gamma (Space)[3] +1 +15
Health Regeneration (Ground) +4% +60% Hull Regeneration (Space) +4% +60%
Max Health (Ground) +1% +15% Max Hull (Space) +1% +15%
Shield Hardness (Ground) +1% +15% Shield Hardness (Space) +1% +15%
Max Shields (Ground) +1% +15% Max Shields (Space) +1% +15%
Ranged Weapon Damage (Ground) +4% +60% Energy Weapon Damage (Space) +2% +30%
Melee Weapon Damage (Ground) +4% +60% Projectile Weapon Damage (Space) +2% +30%
Kit Performance (Ground) +4 +60 Exotic Damage (Space) +2% +30%
Sprint Speed (Ground) +1% +15 Impulse Speed (Space) +2% +30%
  Turn Rate (Space) +1% +15%
Drain Resist (Space) +2 +30
  1. 1.0 1.1 Damage Resist Alpha: Plasma, Phaser, Proton, Psionic and Cold damage.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Damage Resist Beta: Disruptor, Polaron, Physical, Radiation and Fire damage.
  3. 3.0 3.1 Damage Resist Gamma: Antiproton, Tetryon, Kinetic, Electric and Toxic damage.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • While an Endeavor assignment is account wide, the progress bar cannot be filled by a combined effort of multiple characters on the same account. Once the assignment is completed, the reward pack will be automatically given to the character that finished the task. However, any boxed rewards from Endeavors can be traded between characters on an account, should they wish to do so.