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Endeavor System

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UI element for an active Endeavor

The Endeavor System is a limited-time challenge based reward system for endgame players in Star Trek Online. Every two to three days at 9AM Pacific Time, a new task is distributed server-wide and any in-progress/uncompleted tasks will expire. These challenges range from completing R&D tasks or missions, to dealing damage to enemies with a specific energy type. Upon completion, a small amount of Expertise and Skill Points are awarded along with an [Endeavor Prize Pack].

List of known Endeavors[edit | edit source]

Endeavor Name Endeavor Details
Defeat foes Endeavor: Defeat Borg Ships Defeat 15 Borg Ships in space
Endeavor: Defeat Tzenkethi Ships Defeat 20 Tzenkethi Ships in space
Endeavor: Defeat Terran Empire Troops Defeat 20 Terran Empire ground troops
Endeavor: Defeat Tholian Ships Defeat 20 Tholian Ships in space
Endeavor: Defeat Undine Ships Defeat 20 Undine Ships in space
Endeavor: Destroy Cruisers, Battleships, Dreadnoughts Defeat 25 Cruisers, Battleships, or Dreadnoughts in space
Endeavor: Defeat Tholian Captain on Nukara Defeat a Tholian Captain on Nukara Prime
Endeavor: Defeat Terran Empire Ships Defeat 20 Terran Empire Ships in space
Endeavor: Defeat Commanders & Captains Defeat 10 Commanders or Captains on the ground
Endeavor: Defeat a Boss Outside on Nimbus III Defeat a rare boss in the deserts of Nimbus III
Complete missions Endeavor: Defera Invasion Zone Complete a Defera Invasion Zone ranked mission (Normal, Medium, Hard missions)
Endeavor: Hive Onslaught Queue Complete the “Hive Onslaught” queue once (on any difficulty)
Endeavor: Counterpoint Queue Complete the “Counterpoint” queue once (on any difficulty)
Endeavor: Future Proof Complete one of the episodes from the Future Proof storyline arc
Endeavor: Foundry Mission Complete a Foundry mission
Endeavor: Nimbus III Dance Competition Participate in the “Nimbus Dance Competition”
Endeavor: Crystalline Entity Queue Complete the “Crystalline Catastrophe” queue once (on any difficulty)
Endeavor: Complete a Delta Rising Mission Complete one of the episodes from the Delta Rising storyline arc
Endeavor: Complete a New Romulus Alert Mission Complete an alert mission on New Romulus
Endeavor: Complete 3 Patrols in Romulan Space Complete three patrols in Romulan space (around New Romulus)
Endeavor: Complete Any Advanced or Elite Queue Complete any queue set on difficulty level Advanced or Elite
Endeavor: Breen Invasion Complete one of the episodes from the Breen Invasion storyline arc
Deal damage Endeavor: Deal Polaron Damage Deal 25,000 Polaron damage to space or ground enemies
Endeavor: Deal Antiproton Damage Deal 25,000 Antiproton damage to space or ground enemies
Other Endeavor: Harvest Materials in Space Harvest materials (R&D nodes) from 3 areas in space
Endeavor: R&D Very Rare Component Start crafting any one very rare R&D component
Endeavor: Earn Fleet Credits Earn 10,000 Fleet Credits Fleet Credits
Endeavor: Tour the Galaxy Visit 6 Systems in “Tour the Galaxy”
Endeavor: Repair Shields in Space Repair 200,000 Shields in Space
Endeavor: Win Dabo at Quark's Win 500 Gold-Pressed Latinum icon.png Gold-Pressed Latinum in Dabo at Quark's on Deep Space Nine