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The Emissary bridges are the most vast bridges currently available in Star Trek Online, which is befitting as they were intended for use on the leviathan Star Cruisers. They are only available by buying them from Cryptic for 400 Zen small icon.png in the Cryptic Store.

These bridges have extreme variations in their furnishings and even their furnishing lay-outs within the pack, and the line of sight across these bridges are broken up by multiple upright display panels. They also vary significantly in the number of the player's Bridge Officers which will be in residence.

All testing was done with a character who had twelve Bridge Officers in her line-up.

Unity[edit | edit source]

The Unity bridge features twelve of the player's Bridge Officers; equal to the bridges of the Diplomatic Bridges and the Destiny Bridges for the most bridge inhabitants.

Unity From Viewscreen
The Unity bridge displaying its unique temple-like facade behind the Captain's chair.
Unity Fore from Chair Unity Rear from Port
Unity bridge from behind and above the Captain's chair. Unity bridge's aft section, including its round consoles.

Temple[edit | edit source]

The Temple bridge has eleven of the player's Bridge Officers in residence.

Temple Aft From Chair.jpg
The Temple bridge, view aft from the Captain's chair.
Temple Aft Windows.jpg Temple Starboard Wide.jpg
The view through the aft windows at the top of the Temple bridge. The Temple bridge's starboard section.

Nomad[edit | edit source]

The Nomad bridge is inhabited by eleven of the player's Bridge Officers.

Nomad Wide Aft.jpg
The Nomad bridge, wide aft shot focused on the Captain in a forward console seat.
Nomad Wide Fore Port.jpg Nomad Wide Aft Starboard.jpg
The Nomad showing off its dual upright displays in a view to the forward port. The Nomad bridge over the captain's head in a fore port console, showing off the UFP carpet.

Virtue[edit | edit source]

The Virtue bridge is staffed by nine of the player's Bridge Officers.

Virtue Aft Wide.jpg
The Virtue bridge, view with the Captain in the forward console.
Virtue Captains Crew.jpg Virtue Aft Narrow.jpg
The Captain's Chair of the Virtue bridge. The Virtue bridge, narrow shot port and aft from the forward console.