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Elisa Flores

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FederationElisa Flores
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Military Rank:
Tactical Officer
Information Giver
Voiced by:

Elisa Flores is a cadet and the player's best friend at Starfleet Academy. Also being in the class of 2409, she gets assigned as tactical officer to the same ship as the player and, later, becomes the first bridge officer for players of the Federation. Captain Masc Taggart notes that her record at the Academy has "a few blemishes."

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • FED25 “Graduation Day”: Flores tells the player to talk to Razkii. Later, Captain Taggart selects her to serve as tactical officer on the first training cruise - exactly what she was hoping for. She subsequently initiates the player's advanced phaser training program.
  • FED25 “Training Cruise”: Flores joins the player on the bridge as a member of Captain Taggart's senior staff. When the ship is attacked by Klingons and Cpt. Taggart is captured, Flores is able to lock on to his comm badge to locate Captain Kadek's cloaked ship. The player subsequently takes command of the ship and Flores is given a field promotion to Ensign, joining the crew as a bridge officer and first officer.
    Cadet Flores
Flores working at her tactical station.

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