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A Duty Officer Roster Slots (25) is an upgrading utility that allows players to upgrade the default roster size from 100 with another 25 slots .
This upgrade may be purchased for 225 Zen small icon.png from the Zen Store at the character level only. This will increase the maximum size of your character's Duty Officer Roster by twenty-five (25).
Note: This option may be unlocked up to sixteen (16) times, for a maximum of 500 Duty Officers per character.

Availability[edit | edit source]

How to buy[edit | edit source]

Press the button underneath the Mini-Map in the top right hand corner of the screen labelled "Zen small icon.png STORE". Select Duty Officers tab on the left hand side to see and choose "Duty Officer Roster Slots (25)". Click "Buy - 225Zen small icon.png" to purchase this upgrade.

How to verify purchased upgrade[edit | edit source]

Duty Officer Roster Slots upgraded check

Click on the duty officers icon underneath the Mini-Map to open the Duty Officer window, click on Overview tab, then look at the "Duty Officer Summary".
See "Duty Officer Roster Slots upgraded check" image.