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Story Arc: Cardassian Struggle

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Faction True Way.png A Cardassian terrorist organization plagues the Alpha Quadrant. Will the fragile democracy on Cardassia Prime survive?

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The Cardassian Struggle story arc is a chain of cross-faction missions available to all factions.

After the Dominion War ended, Cardassian Union signed a peace treaty with the Federation giving up the right to field a military or wage a war. In return, Starfleet has been assigned to protect the Cardassian space from a potential invasion. A secret terrorist organization, the True Way, fights to return the Union to its former glory and reinstate the Obsidian Order.

Commander Sarish Minna of Deep Space Nine has requested aid in reacquiring a Bajoran relic stolen by the True Way. To defeat the True Way, you will need to uncover the location of their base in the Badlands and identify their supporters.

List of missions[edit | edit source]

EP - Lost and Found.png “Lost and Found”

Deep Space Nine guards the gateway to the Gamma Quadrant. You've faced many challenges already, but are you ready for what you will find at DS9.

Mission cannot be replayed.

Contact: Jorel Quinn / J'mpok / Kererek
Release Date: October 27, 2015
EP - Spoils of War.png “Spoils of War”

The True Way is using Maquis tricks to hide their ships. Are you ready to venture into the Badlands?
Contact: Commander Sarish Minna
Release Date: October 27, 2015
EP - Jabberwocky.png “Jabberwocky”

The Orb of Possibilities must be returned to the temple in Hathon. I have notified Vedek Krin, she is waiting for you in the temple.
Contact: Commander Sarish Minna
Release Date: October 27, 2015
EP - The Factory.png “The Factory”

There appears to be some kind of alliance between the True Way and the Dominion. We cannot allow them to join forces.
Contact: Commander Sarish Minna
Release Date: October 27, 2015
EP - The New Link.png “The New Link”

The Changeling named Laas has deceived the other Changelings in his Link into thinking we are exterminating them. You must convince them of the truth.
Contact: Commander Sarish Minna
Release Date: October 27, 2015
EP - Task Force Operations - Cardassian Struggle.png “Task Force Operations: Cardassian Struggle”

Join a Task Force for a joint operation to stabilize the Cardassian Union and fight against incursions by the Terran Empire.

Mission cannot be replayed.

Contact: Jorel Quinn / J'mpok / Kererek / Loriss
Release Date: October 9, 2018

Chronology: The Galaxy at Large: Lost Dominion side content

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The "Cardassian Struggle" arc (and "Dominion Domination" for Klingon players) was reworked as part of Season Eleven: New Dawn. Most of the missions were removed, some were condensed or replaced with a completely new plot. Only “The New Link” retains some of the original story. For more information on the removed missions, see here.
  • Despite its name, the new Cardassian Struggle story arc has a larger focus on the Terran incursions and the Alpha Jem'Hadar, and not on the Cardassian Union. The role of the True Way, who are supposed to be the main antagonists of the arc, has also been somewhat minimized.

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