Doctor (KDF)

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Doctor (KDF).png
Sick bay
Duty Officer Assignment Giver

Doctor is an Orion Klingon Defense Force medical officer stationed at the Sick bay on the Crew Deck of the player's ship interior.

Details[edit | edit source]

She can be talked to in person only on the KDF ships with interior map. Ships with only bridge and no interior can access her assignments via "Contact Duty Officers" bridge console by choosing the Medical Department option. Available Duty officer assignments can be seen in the table below.

Doctor and Medical officer assignments
Faction FEDKDF.png Assemble Hypo Pack Assemble Hypo Pack
Faction FEDKDF.png Assemble Medical Regenerator Assemble Medical Regenerator
Faction FEDKDF.png Medical Assignments ... • ... • ...
Faction Starfleet.png Medical Assignments Provide Medical Support in Combat Zone • ...
Faction KDF.png Medical Assignments ... • ... • ...