Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret

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Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret
Rare Ship Device
Consumed On Use
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Creates a level X+1 Heavy Satellite Disruptor Turret for 300 sec
Value: 250 Energy credit icon.png

Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret icon.png
Rare icon.png

Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret is a rare consumable deployable ship device that is obtained through Duty Officer Assignments. using this device deploys a level X+1 satellite turret that will remain in a fixed position for 300 seconds and target nearby hostiles with dsruptor fire.

X = the level of player
  • If the player is level 35 then the Satellite Turret will be 36.

Info If another player, level 50 will try to sell/trade Satellites level 51, to a player level 35, then the 35 level will see that item as 36 level.The item auto - Scales the level.

Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret deployed

Availability / Vendors[edit | edit source]

This item can stack up to 20 pieces.

Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret can be obtained only from :

Faction FED25.png Assignment: Assemble from Prototype - Federation version which requires the Heavy Disruptor Turret Prototype Plans.
Faction KDF.png Assignment: Purchase Prototype - Klingon version which does not require Prototype Plans but the assignment costs 50,000 Energy credit icon.png to receive a stack with 10 pieces/charges in Success or 20 in Critical Success.
This item cannot be purchased from a npc vendor .
Can be traded,mailed, sold, or bought from the Exchange system.

Fire Power[edit | edit source]

A small but useful fire support .

Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret firing

This deployable device (consumable item) it is developed by (flagged as) Dominion and has a Frigate rank of a dominion ship.It is equiped with a Disruptor Beam and will make Disruptor Damage to the selected target.The color of beam is green.(not sure if the energy bonus applies)

  • For a level 51 Satellite compared with an enemy ship same rank or same turret, the damage is very small ( each hit on target will deal 10-12 HP damage with a critical chance for 22 HP) but can be a good help when you need to destroy a strong ship (for example a I.R.W ship or a Daedrix battleship), even in Elite Mode gameplay.
Fire type : 4 shots in 1 volley preceded by a pause
in a
Improved damage
Ability or item
1 fire/each second.
2s 9..11 20..22 Tactical Fleet icon (Federation).pngTactical Fleet icon (Klingon).png Tactical Fleet 11..13 23..25
1 fire/each second.
2s 9..11 20..22 Fire on my Mark (Space) icon (Federation).pngFire on my Mark (Space) icon (Klingon).png Fire on my Mark (Space) III 12..15 28..30
- - -- -- --- -- --
Tests made on a Cube in “Assimilation” , rank Battleship , distance 5km, using 30 devices with a tactical character.Any other attack-buffs or defense-debuffs can affect the damage but not to much, just around -/+3-5 points in normal damage.The attack buffs from assignments might help too.

Usage / Tips[edit | edit source]

The Turret is only for Space combat.
After the related assignments is finished, this rewarded device will auto-equip on Device Slots on your ship and a new skill icon will be created on your ship space skills interface.

  • Ability icons Deploy device icon (Federation).pngDeploy device icon (Klingon).png Deploy (devices) will be created on your ship abilities interface.

If it's not there means that all the slots are filled with another devices and will go into normal bag/inventory.
InfoThe device has no shields and for a level 51 item, a Hull with 3721 HP.
Once you have deployed (clicked on the icon skill) the Turret in space, the turret will stay on that location and start to hit the enemies if are within 10km aggro/fire range.

Remember The Device Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret shares same cooldown with any other Satellite Turrets or Torpedo Platforms.

If you have more than one Deployable Devices (type satellites) or items in a stack, note that you can launch only one, e.g. you cannot use a phaser satellite with an additional plasma or tetryon satellite or with a Photon Torpedo Platform.
Does not share same cooldown with Federation - Call 1 random ship to help in battle when HP is bellow 50%Klingon - Call 1 random ship to help in battle when HP is bellow 50% Ability: Fleet Support and both can be used in combination.

InfoThe cooldown to launch a new satellite is 300 seconds (5 min.).
Even if the satellite was destroyed in the first seconds, the timer will keep counting down until zero. If the device was not destroyed, after five minutes it will vanish. When the cooldown is over then you can launch a new device.

Survivability tips[edit | edit source]

See the Tips - Satellites and Torpedo Platforms for tips and more details.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Device - Heavy Disruptor Satellite Turret is no longer bind-on-equip for the Klingons.