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The Destiny bridge pack is available for purchase from Cryptic's Cryptic Store for 400 Zen small icon.png. It features a pack of four bridges with only one chair each, and standing space for twelve of the player's Bridge Officers.

Each bridge in the pack was intended for the Tier-2 Research Science Vessel, and features the Master Systems Display of an Olympic-class Research Science Vessel.

Compassion[edit | edit source]

Forward View on the Compassion View from the Viewscreen on the Compassion
The view forward from the rear of the Compassion bridge. The view aft from the Compassion's viewscreen.
Compassion's Auxiliary consoles. Compassion's MSD
The Compassion's Auxiliary consoles. The MSD on the Compassion bridge.

Assistance[edit | edit source]

Wide View
Wide View of the Assistance bridge.
The Aft of the Assistance The Port Console
Assistance Bridge, from the Viewscreen. Assistance Bridge, Port Console.

Chirurgeon[edit | edit source]

The Captain's dais, elevated to maximize head trauma in the event of a fall.
The captain's chair, on a raised dais.
The Tactical Consoles. The Fore Consoles.
The Tactical consoles on the Chirurgeon bridge. The Forward Consoles on the Chirurgeon bridge.

Healer[edit | edit source]

For dramatic oratory, a raised platform.
The Captain's Post on the Healer bridge, with raised forward platform for communication from.
Healer Tac Console.jpg
The Tactical consoles on the Healer bridge.