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Promotional image of the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Odyssey-class development patch.

Design the Next Enterprise was a contest held by Cryptic Studios in 2011, in which players could submit their designs for the new U.S.S. Enterprise in Star Trek Online. The winning design, submitted by Adam Ihle, eventually became the Odyssey Star Cruiser. Another entry into the contest, by Jason Lee, was used as the inspiration for the Chimera Heavy Destroyer.

Final results[edit | edit source]

  • Winner: Adam Ihle
  • Second Place: C. Calloway
  • Third Place: D. Shick
  • Fourth Place: JM Trexler
  • Runners Up
    • J. Samuelson
    • L.O. Barnett, Jr.
    • B. Crick
    • A. Hilker
    • J. "Vektor" Lee
    • J. Kufner
    • "Azurian Starfyre"
    • C. Greazel
    • C. Madden
    • A. Bouska
    • A. Anderson
    • V. Rinaldi
    • D. Vargas
    • J. Inabinet
    • M. Brooks
    • A. Law
    • J.C. Baez
    • A.H. Steffen
    • A. Cullison
    • J. Bongard
    • O. Montgomery

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