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Deployable is a term ( mostly military used) which refers to send something or someone in a (strategical) location to help/improve the battle or logistics. The act of deployment :

  • A way or condition of being arranged
    • arrangement, categorization, classification, disposal, disposition, distribution, formation, grouping, layout, lineup, order, organization, placement, sequence in a specific order/disorder.

Examples of 'deployable' or 'deploy' :

  • Military :

- military deployment is the movement of armed forces and their logistical support infrastructure

    • Deploy special troops to secure a position.
    • Deploy mines on a field to create minefield.
    • Deploy tanks to the border of...
  • Civil :

- the deployment of a mechanical device , electrical system , computer program , etc., is its assembly or transformation from a packaged form to an operational state.

    • Deploy a structure to increase a building resistance.
    • Deploy engineers to repair damaged systems.

In Star Trek Online the term deploy or deployable it is used in military and in civil ways, in space or ground, but most refers to something which is "Consumed on Used" such as :


  • The Engineer Officer deploys his turrets or generators on ground for a better defense/attack power.
  • The starship deployed devices such satellite turrets or platform to improve the damage in a battle.
  • The enemy ship deployed mines for a better attack/ line defense.

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