Denobula Triaxa System

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NeutralDenobula Triaxa System
Denobula Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Denobula Sector Map.png

The Denobula Triaxa System is a system located in the Denobula Sector of the Alpha Quadrant. One of its planets, Denobula, is the homeworld of the Denobulans.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Denobula Triaxa System was added along with the sector space revamp of Season 10. It can currently not be visited and merely serves as an aesthetic asset. It is also not specified whether Denobula is a Federation member.
  • Star Trek Online places the system in the same location, where Iota Boötis would be located in a Galactic planview projection. This seems to be a nod to most soft canon sources, which consistently equate the Denobula Triaxa and Iota Boötis systems.

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