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demorecord and demorecord_stop are special commands to record demo files of your game play.

Usage[edit | edit source]

/demorecord samplefile

will record the current game play in a memory buffer. To save the buffer to a file on you harddisk, execute


or change to another instance. The contents of the buffer is written to samplefile.demo in the demos directory of your Star Trek Online installation.

To playback your recorded files, run the game from the command line in the directory of GameClient.exe:

GameClient.exe -demoplay somefile.demo

While playing back a demo, press F2 to toggle free camera mode. While in this mode, the camera is moved with the following controls:

  • Right mouse button - Rotate camera about its current position.
  • A and D - Move camera left and right (along X-axis), relative to current camera direction.
  • W and S - Move camera in and out (along Z-axis), relative to current camera direction.
  • Q and Z - Move camera up and down (along Y-axis), relative to current camera direction.

Limitations[edit | edit source]

  • It is not possible to record when there is no chat window to type in.
  • Foundry missions and exploration cluster missions can be recorded, but not played back.
  • Some pseudo-maps used internally may cause a crash when demos on them are played back (such as the character selection screen.)

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