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Within the Star Trek Online game universe there is a planet system called Defera, which is part of the Deferi Sector. The Deferi Sector is part of the Orellius Sector Block. This is one of the places you can battle Borg Drones with your game character after completing enough first missions and gaining enough levels of experience. There are many missions within the Defera Invasion Zone. The other option offered allows visiting the planet peaceful government zone and so far I haven't found much of interest visiting the ambassador. A lot of non-player characters (NPC) walk about without any apparent purpose and you cannot go into any buildings. There is a lack of common game services like; bank, exchange, mail, and merchants to purchase gear, expendables, or sell excess inventory. I suspect this will change in time, but for now the only action appears to be in the invasion zone missions.

Game Play Levels There are many levels of invasion zone missions and I recommend starting with the easy ones until you are familiar with the game map. The medium and hard level game missions require better character equipment and weapons that are tailored for battle with Borg Drones. Some of the drones use weapons and are difficult to put down for the count. The others walk towards the intended victim and are easy to stay away from as long as you keep moving and don't run into an obstacle, or another drone. Their primary weapon is injecting nanites designed to infest the victim and make another Borg Drone. All enemies within the Star Trek Online game are not easily defeated unless you have your character (often called Toons) armed and protected with upgraded gear designed for the specific enemy. Most players find the common weapons, shields, and armor lacking and don't use it unless they have no other option. The common gear is provided to the new character as part of the starting the game process.

New Players If you are new to the Star Trek Online game, the common character gear is lettered white, the next best gear level is green, followed by blue, purple and gold (yellow). The color of the lettering in the description of the item is an indication if the gear is common, uncommon, rare, very rare, or epic. Common gear is sold on the exchange for Energy Credits (EC), but often offered at half the stated value in the description. Uncommon (green lettered) gear may also go for half the stated value if it is easy to come by as a game mission reward. Rare gear isn't always available in the exchange, but when it is the price tends to be more than twice the stated value in the description. Obviously rare and above gear isn't easy to come by as a mission reward and it appears very rare and gold rated gear isn't offered in mission play. Spending resources and time through the Research and Development (R&D) part of the game can provide better gear. Few players have their "Toon" equipped with very rare and gold level gear unless they have played for more than a few months, get help by experienced players, or come by a lot of EC and purchase better gear through the Exchange system. I am sure the game designers will insist the missions can be completed with the common gear, but I have yet to meet a player that would agree.

Gear Levels The missions on Defera are a good example of how common gear isn't up to the task of keeping a "Toon" up and able to defeat the common enemy - Borg Drones. What will be confusing at first is the game map isn't defined by areas for easy, medium, and hard game play. If you venture too far into the city under attack, you will find it necessary to "respawn" your Toon often. The Borg send out "Elite Tactical Drones" that are armed with weapons that make short work of any "Toon" that attempts to attack them, or gets too close. Even with rare gear it is necessary to identify the Elite Tactical Drones in any area of the invaded city and avoid them if you want to prevent another respawn. The design of the game doesn't allow taking an "away team" from your starship like many first missions, even though there are some players that have found a way round this restriction. The best you can do is join a fleet and convince other players to go to Defera as part of a team and work together. The common ability to call for help when your "Toon" is down allows another player to use the Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation option. This will get him, or her, or it back on their feet. The catch is the player has to stop all other activity to do so and may be taken out while completing the process.

More to follow.