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Datachip - The History of New Romulus

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Datachip - The History of New Romulus
Consumed On Use
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The Datachip - The History of New Romulus is an item awarded from the Assignment: Research History of New Romulus, available from the Romulan Historian in the Staging Area of the New Romulus Adventure Zone, and contains the "The History of New Romulus" written on 6 volumes with up to 8 chapters each. The volume and chapter of any given Datachip - The History of New Romulus awarded is randomized. Reading/Opening this consumable item (charges 1/1) will grant the player with an accolade for the chapter specified by the Datachip.

The History of New Romulus[edit | edit source]

  • Volume 1
    • 3 chapters
  • Volume 2
    • 3 chapters
  • Volume 3
    • 3 chapters
  • Volume 4
    • 7 chapters
  • Volume 5
    • 8 chapters
  • Volume 6
    • 7 chapters

For a complete list with the New Romulus accolades/stories from each chapter from this datachip see : History of New Romulus

Datachip - The History of New Romulus is not bound and can be traded, mailed, sold or purchased from Exchange.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • At the Exchange, typing in search "datachip - the history" helps to find the New Romulus version of the Datachip and not the Path to 2409 one. This item has an invalid/missing rarity so searching using a rarity category might be useless. Try with "Any Quality" from "All" items.

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