Data Recorder

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Data Recorder
Common Inventory
Character Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
This recorder contains messages about the state of various sectors that you have visited.
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Data pad containing information on all sectors, narrated by Ambassador Spock.
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Data Recorder icon.png
Common icon.png

The Data Recorder is a unique item awarded for completing “Diplomatic Orders”. It allows the player to replay the Ambassador Spock voiceovers narrated by Leonard Nimoy heard when first entering a sector. The text is that from the exploration accolades.

The recorder does not contain the other sector narrations performed by Denise Crosby (Romulan Republic space), J.G. Hertzler (Klingon Empire sector), Kipleigh Brown (Alpha Quadrant frontier), Jeri Ryan (Delta Quadrant), and Jeffrey Combs (Gamma Quadrant).

Name Text
State of the Federation: Sirius My friend sacrificed so much to secure peace with the Klingons. I bear the responsibility for the consequences to him and his crew ... a thought that troubles me to this day.

The hope was that this alliance would last forever. It did not.

The Klingons have chosen war. The Federation is doing its utmost to protect its borders and the billions of innocents who call this space home, but I fear that this conflict may be our undoing.
State of the Federation: Regulus Hidden dangers lurk in space, and the threat of Klingon attack has made even the most stout-hearted reconsider their choice to travel throughout the stars.

A last-ditch effort to find a common ground could end this conflict ... but there are many who oppose peace.
State of the Federation: Pi Canis The Klingons are willing to use any weapon available to destroy the Federation, even time itself. It falls to a small group of brave Starfleet officers to restore the timeline and rescue one of their own.

Who controls this sector may determine who controls the war.
The Neutral Zone On the frontlines of the Klingon-Federation war, brave captains from both sides battle to defend their homes and gain advantages for their faction.

Each death has meaning. Every victory can turn the tide.

These are the conflicts that will determine the fate of the quadrant.
State of the Federation: Alpha Centauri The Romulans were once a passionate, vibrant species, but the loss of their homeworld has left them in ashes.

The survivors of the cataclysm have gathered under the banner of Empress Sela. She has sought out new allies from the Delta Quadrant in an attempt to rebuild the Romulans' former might, and now she seeks revenge for a lost world and a broken people.
State of the Federation: Psi Velorum
State of the Federation: Iota Pavonis On a forgotten world, a shadow of great evil lurks, waiting for the chance to strike. The truth behind the destruction of the Romulus system may be the harbinger of the greatest threat the Federation has ever faced.
State of the Federation: Beta Ursae After the devastation of the Dominion War, the Cardassians chose a path that would lead their planet to prosperity and democracy.

Not everyone agreed with this choice. A secret organization dedicated to the return of the Cardassian Union and the Obsidian Order plagues Federation and Cardassian forces, seeking to overturn newfound freedoms in favor of oppression and aggression.

In the end, the fight to save Deep Space Nine may be the battle that decides the fate of the quadrant.
State of the Federation: Alpha Trianguli These desperate men and women of the True Way have turned to one of the Federation's greatest foes in an attempt to hold sway over Cardassia Prime.

Starfleet must infiltrate into the heart of the new Dominion and douse the flames of war before they consume the entire quadrant.
State of the Federation: Zeta Andromedae Betrayal wears a familiar face as infiltrators from other dimensions attempt to establish a foothold in the Bajor sector.

Will the wormhole lead to the other side of the Mirror? Only the Prophets know what can restore the walls between worlds.
State of the Federation: Gamma Orionis Once thought to be an unstoppable force, the Borg were dealt a heavy blow by Kathryn Janeway and the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager.

But the Borg are nothing if not resilient. They retreated, waited, planned ... and they adapted.

These are not the nightmares of Wolf 359. They are faster. Aggressive. Relentless. Remorseless.

What the Borg cannot assimilate, they will destroy.
The Klingon Empire: Omega Leonis From the heart of Qo'noS to the frozen wastes of Rura Penthe, the Klingons have built an empire that values strength, honor and skill in combat.

To be Klingon is to be a warrior. Fight well. Live with honor. Die with a blade in your hand.

If you can do these things, you will live forever in the stories of the great Klingon heroes.

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