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Romulan RepublicD'Vex
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Station Alpha
Engineering Officer
Voiced by:
Tim Simmons

D'Vex is an engineer living at the Virinat colony in 2409.

History[edit | edit source]

Sometime before moving to Virinat, D'Vex served as Chief Engineer on an old T'liss Light Warbird commanded by Commander Malem. While serving on the vessel they responded to a distress call from a mining colony in the Eridan Belt but found no signs of life - only a strange beacon and some odd spore samples. Around 2399 his ship arrived at Virinat, the crew looking for a place to call home after Romulus had been destroyed 12 years earlier. They decided to stay, and with their help the floundering colony began to prosper again.

A few years later he picked up Tovan Khev, and several others from a mining colony in the Hfihar System and brought them to live on Virinat. He befriended Tovan and also showed him how to pilot his old warbird.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

D'Vex after being rescued from the Elachi
  • “A Day in the Sun”: In early 2409, the player asks D'Vex about the Elachi beacon in the cave. He says it resembles the strange technology he found in the Eridan Belt years earlier. He later stands behind now-Maiori Malem as he gives a speech to commemorate the Tapping festival and the colony's achievements.
  • “Virinat, Invaded”: D'Vex goes missing during the subsequent attack on Virinat by the Tal Shiar and their Elachi allies.
  • “Devil's Choice”: After D'Vex was captured by the Elachi on Virinat, he was put into stasis. Visibly scarred, the player eventually finds and frees him on Station Alpha located in subspace, and D'Vex subsequently joins the player's crew as an engineering bridge officer.

Traits[edit | edit source]

Items[edit | edit source]

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Note[edit | edit source]

  • During "Devil's Choice", D'Vex appears with a faint beard and visible scars - likely signs of the Elachi's rough treatment. However, he also appears mysteriously rejuvenated, with most of his wrinkles gone. As D'Vex returns to his original older, unscarred appearance when he joins the player's crew as bridge officer, this is likely to be an art glitch. The game developers have confirmed that there are limitations to the number of facial textures which can be applied at one time.[1][2]
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