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A Cyborg or cybernetic organism is a biological lifeform that has been augmented with technology, such as bionic implants or mechanical components, integrated into the body to improve existing functions or add new ones.

Sentient species known to have cybernetic implants are:

  • Borg gets physically altered to perform certain functions more efficiently - limbs are replaced with weapons or medical tools, while their biological function is maintained by absorbing energy via regeneration alcoves. They have a constant link with the Collective, energy shield that protects against energy damage, and an eye implants for the improved vision and information gathering, to name a few.
  • Liberated Borg are former Borg drones, no longer under the Collective. Majority of implants were removed, while only those that are vital to their survival are retained.
  • Bynars have a part of their brain replaced with synaptic processor that connects them with master computer and other members of their species.

Non-sentient cyborgs:

Prominent individuals with high level of cybernetic alterations:

Prominent individuals with minor cybernetic implants:

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