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Cryptic Studios

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Cryptic Studios logo

Founded in 2000 and based in Los Gatos, CA, Cryptic Studios is a wholly owned Perfect World subsidiary and developer of massively-multiplayer online games, one of which is Star Trek Online. Cryptic first developed the games City of Heroes and City of Villains, both run by Paragon Studios until November 30, 2012, as well as the superhero-themed Champions Online. Their current projects include Neverwinter and an as yet unknown title.

On May 18, 2011 Atari announced it intended to sell Cryptic Studios as Atari planned to focus on other markets. On May 31, Perfect World Entertainment announced they would buy Cryptic and the acquisition was completed August 9 for a total price of $49.8 million.

About Cryptic Studios[edit | edit source]

Cryptic Studios is a developer of massively multiplayer online role playing games, with a signature style being extreme versatility in player customization. It developed the innovative and successful City of Heroes, as well as its subsequent expansion, City of Villains. Their titles have received several major rewards:

  • City of Heroes: GameSpy's Game of the Year (2004), Games Magazine: Game of the Year (2004), Spike TV 2004 Video Game Awards: MMORPG Game of the Year (2004), Computer Gaming World: MMORPG Game of the Year (2004), Beckett Massive Online Gamer: Best Sci-Fi/Superhero Game (2009)
  • City of Villains: WarCry's Best Expansion E3 (2004)
  • Star Trek Online: Massive Online Gamer's Best New MMO (2010)

Cryptic Associates[edit | edit source]

Star Trek Online Team[edit | edit source]

Position Name Handle Forum Posts Twitter
Executive Producer Stephen 'Steve' Ricossa Jr Salami_Inferno salamiinferno Salami_Inferno
Lead Designer Al Rivera CaptainGeko crypticgeko CaptainGeko
Lead Character Artist Matt Highison mhighison CrypticMatt
Ship Artist Ian Richards JamJamz captjamjamz STO_JamJamz
Environmental Artist Denis Osmanbegovi CrypticDenis
Environmental Artist Nick Duguid Tacofangs tacofangs Tumerboy
Environmental Artist Sam Rucks
Environmental Artist Roman Stepanov
Art Lead Jeremy Mattson
Lead Programmer Rehpic rehpic
Ship Artist Thomas Marrone ThomastheCrypticCat Cryptic_TtC
UI Programmer Matthew Kenneally mkenneally
UI Programmer FallingSky crypticfallingsky
Lead Content Designer Scott Shicoff Goatshark goatshark
Content Designer Jesse Heinig JHeinig jheinig JesseHeinig
Content Designer Chris Dods mrodds
Content Designer Sean McCann CommanderAnder commanderander
Content Designer Charles Gray
Content Designer Josh Ferguson
Content Designer Kate Bankson Shelana
Combat Systems Designer Steve Nicks Snix
Environmental Artist Samuel S_Wall SWall_Art
Director of Audio Michael Henry
German Community Manager Stefan Recht Denadoro StefanRecht
Producer Vincent Malley Terramak Terramak
Producer Maria Rosseau ZeroniusRex zer0niusrex zeroniusrex
Producer Andy Velasquez
Lead Quality Assurance Phil Fark Farktoid5000 farktoid5000 CrypticEQAH
Forum Moderator InfoNinja
Forum Moderator Q
Lead Game Master GMDestra
Game Master GMNova
Game Master GMPalontir
Game Master GMTiyshen Cryptic_Tiyshen
Game Master GMDrannic
Game Master XLibraX
Forum moderator zaaerus
Systems Designer Jeremy Randall BorticusCryptic borticuscryptic BorticusCryptic
Systems Designer Andrew Rowe Archon archoncryptic
Lead Systems Designer Phil Zeleski Gorngonzolla gorngonzolla
Chad Chaddington
Tech Support darthpanda16
Programmer CrypticCliff
Senior Character Artist Steven Ekholm
Community Manager Morrigan pwlaughingtrendy LaughingTrendy

Major Project Responsibilities[edit | edit source]

(Strikethrough indicates a developer no longer performing that role.)

No Longer on the Star Trek Online Team[edit | edit source]

Last Position Name Handle Forum Posts Twitter Departure
Lead Writer Christine Thompson Kestrel cryptickestrel Cryptic_Kestrel July 24, 2015
Quality Assurance JTFrost crypticfrost crypticfrost July 24, 2015
Ship Artist Nick Quackenbush crypticquack _quackles June 05, 2015
Community Manager Trevor McNesby pwecaptainsmirk TheCaptainSmirk March 16, 2015
Designer Matt Miller ManyThingsDeck March 16, 2015
Executive Producer Stephen D'Angelo sdangelo February 02, 2015
Ship Artist Jeff Miller lcdrmiller JMiller_Artist November 17, 2014
Community Manager Brandon Felczer PWE_BranFlakes pwebranflakes PWE_BranFlakes April 11, 2014
Executive Producer Daniel Stahl dstahl January 14, 2014
Content Designer Dan Griffis Gozer devgozer Dev_Gozer August, 2012
Senior Systems Designer Geoff Tuffli Heretic crypticheretic June 22, 2012
Ship Artist Adam Williams CapnLogan CapnLogan March 20, 2012
Quality Assurance Michael Brown Beltoram Beltoram December 8, 2011
Online Community Representative Gesine Fischer WishStone Cryptic_Wishy August 19, 2011
Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich Zinc July 2010
Online Community Representative Joe Blancato Rekhan joeblancato
Online Community Representative David Bass Daeke
Quality Assurance DScotty
Infrastructure Programmer coderanger

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