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Covariant Shield Array

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Covariant Shield Array
Common Ship Shields
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

__ Maximum Shield Capacity

(10% Bleedthrough)

__ Shield Regeneration every 6 seconds

Value: __
"__" is not a number.
Energy credit icon.png
Covariant Shield Array icon.png
Common icon.png

The Covariant Shield Array is a type of Ship Shields that has a 10% higher maximum capacity but 25% slower regeneration rate than the standard [Shield Array].

Covariant Shield Arrays are popular with players that don't put many skills into shields, and in PvP where burst damage can be extremely high, so a heavy shield can give you more time to put out extra damage.

Ship shield modifiers[edit source]

Some Ship Shields may have additional modifiers that either increase existing bonuses or add new ones. It is possible for certain shields to have the same modifier more than once. The following are examples of Ship Shield modifiers. Some Shields also boost innate Skills by a certain amount, based on Mark level. Refer to the table above for these values.

Modifier Effect
[Cap] Increases Maximum Shield Capacity by 10%
[Reg] Increases Shield Regeneration by 10%
[Pha] Reduces Phaser Damage to Shields by 20%
[Dis] Reduces Disruptor Damage to Shields by 20%
[Pla] Reduces Plasma Damage to Shields by 20%
[Pol] Reduces Polaron Damage to Shields by 20%
[Tet] Reduces Tetryon Damage to Shields by 20%
[Ap] Reduces Antiproton Damage to Shields by 20%
Special Shields only (Fleet, Crafted/Upgraded, Reputation)
[Adapt] When your shields are hit, Adaptive Shielding gains one charge, increasing your Shields' resistance to the incoming damage type by 2% for 30 seconds. Stacks up to 10 times.
[Amp] Amplifies incoming healing by 10%
[C/R] Increases Maximum Shield Capacity by 5%
Increases Shield Regeneration by 5%
[Heal] Increases outgoing healing by 5%
[Rad] Reduces Radiation Damage to Shields by 20%
[ResAll] Reduces All Energy Damage to Shields by 10%
[ResA] Reduces Phaser, Polaron and Tetryon damage to Shields by 15%
[ResB] Reduces Disruptor, Plasma and Antiproton damage to Shields by 15%
All Epic Ship Shields
[Cp/Rg] Increases Maximum Shield Capacity by 10%
Increases Shield Regeneration by 10%
Mark level of item X =
Mk I 1.9
Mk II 2.5
Mk III 3.1
Mk IV 3.75
Mk V 4.4
Mk VI 5
Mk VII 5.6
Mk VIII 6.25
Mk IX 6.9
Mk X 7.5
Mk XI 8.1
Mk XII 8.75
Mk XIII 9.4
Mk XIV 10

Uncommon shields will have one modifier, Rare will have two, and Very Rare will have three, Ultra Rare will have four. All Epic Shields have [Cp/Rg] as their fifth modifier.

The sum between X modifier value and the same basic deflector stat will be rounded.

An Uncommon Covariant Shield Array will have one modifier suffix, Rare will have two, and Very Rare will have three. Rare and Very Rare can have multiples of the same suffix, and stacked suffixes are added together, not multiplied.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Maximum capacity and regeneration values are given for common items only.

Shield capacity and regen values are modified by your engineering skills, so will most likely be higher than what's listed below, but should not be lower.

Covariant Shield stats
Rank Mark Maximum
per 6s
Values (Energy credit icon.png)
Common Uncommon Rare Very Rare
None I 2,888 66 2,500 3,325
II 3,025 69 5,000 6,650 8,300
Lt. Cmdr. III 3,162 72 10,000 13,300 16,600
IV 3,300 75 15,000 19,950 24,900 30,000
Commander V 3,438 78 20,000 26,600 33,200 40,000
VI 3,575 81 25,000 33,250 41,500 50,000
Captain VII 3,712 84 30,000 39,900 49,800 60,000
VIII 3,850 88 35,000 46,550 58,100 70,000
Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Upper Half
IX 3,988 91 40,000 53,200 66,400 80,000
X 4,125 94 45,000 59,850 74,700 90,000
XI 4,262 97 50,000 66,500 83,000 100,000
XII 4,400 100 55,000 73,150 91,300 110,000

Special Covariant Shields[edit | edit source]

Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array icon.png
Rare icon.png
[Reman Prototype Covariant Shield Array]
Aegis Covariant Shield Array icon.png
Very rare icon.png
[Aegis Covariant Shield Array]
No icon.png
Rare icon.png
[Paratrinic Shield Array]

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