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Console in shuttle bay

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The Commodities Broker Console in shuttle bay is a Console in Fleet Embassy on New Romulus who sells Commodities.

These commodities are used in Duty officer assignments and in Fleet starbase projects.

Store[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Price
Warp Coils icon.png
Common icon.png
[Warp Coils] 600 Energy credit icon.png
Self Sealing Stem Bolts icon.png
Common icon.png
[Self Sealing Stem Bolts] 600 Energy credit icon.png
Entertainment Provisions icon.png
Common icon.png
[Entertainment Provisions] 600 Energy credit icon.png
Industrial Replicators icon.png
Common icon.png
[Industrial Replicators] 600 Energy credit icon.png
Seismic Stabilizers icon.png
Common icon.png
[Seismic Stabilizers] 750 Energy credit icon.png
Terraforming Systems icon.png
Common icon.png
[Terraforming Systems] 900 Energy credit icon.png