Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret

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Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret
Rare Ship Tactical Console
Character Bind On Pickup
Unique - Max of one per character
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

To one random enemy within 3km ever 3 sec:
  • __ Plasma Damage if not a projectile
  • Kills target if target is a projectile
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png
Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret icon.png
Rare icon.png

The Console - Tactical - Automated Defense Turret is a unique Tactical console obtained from the Phoenix Prize Pack (1 Rare Prize Token). It used to be obtainable from the Digital Deluxe Edition (players were then able to claim it from the "Special Unlocks" tab of the C-Store).

Game Description[edit | edit source]

The automated defense turret fires a small burst of plasma at a single nearby hostile target every few seconds with absolute accuracy. It will destroy incoming heavy torpedoes and mines, as well as targeting nearby hostile vessels.

Performance[edit | edit source]

The Automated Defense Turret is an equivalent of the [Plasma Turret Standard Issue]. Its fire rate similar to that of a Dual Heavy Cannons weaponry. It fires a single shot at a single target at a maximum range of 2.99 kilometres.

Unlike most of the other plasma weaponry, it doesn't have a Plasma Burn proc. Its damage scales with starship's Weapon Power Levels, consoles which boost plasma or cannon damage and weapons-related skills.

It is not modified by special Bridge Officer abilities, such as Cannon: Scatter Volley and Cannon: Rapid Fire.

Notes[edit | edit source]