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Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Module

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Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Module Mk XII
Very Rare Ship Tactical Console
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+__ Accuracy Rating

+__% Proton Weapon Damage

+__% to listed Modifier

Value: ___
"___" is not a number.
Energy credit icon.png
Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Module Mk XII icon.png
Very rare icon.png

Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Modules increase your accuracy with all starship weapons as well as offering a modest boost to proton damage.

They also include one of the following Modifiers, based on standard Tactical Consoles, that boost damage to specific energy or projectile weapon types:

Mod System Very Rare Basis
[Beams] Beam Weapon Damage +13.3%
Console - Tactical - Directed Energy Distribution Manifold icon.png
Common icon.png
[Cannons] Cannon Weapon Damage +13.3%
Console - Tactical - Prefire Chamber icon.png
Common icon.png
[Mines] Mine Weapon Damage +13.3%
Console - Tactical - Variable Geometry Detonators icon.png
Common icon.png
[Torpedo] Torpedo Weapon Damage +13.3%
Console - Tactical - Warhead Yield Chamber icon.png
Common icon.png
[AP] Antiproton Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Antiproton Mag Regulator icon.png
Common icon.png
[Chroniton] Chroniton Projectile Weapon Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Chroniton Flux Regulator icon.png
Common icon.png
[Disruptor] Disruptor Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Disruptor Induction Coil icon.png
Common icon.png
[Photon] Photon Projectile Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Photon Detonation Assembly icon.png
Common icon.png
[Phaser] Phaser Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Phaser Relay icon.png
Common icon.png
[Plasma] Plasma Energy Weapon Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Plasma Infuser icon.png
Common icon.png
[PlasmaTorp] Plasma Projectile Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Ambiplasma Envelope icon.png
Common icon.png
[Polaron] Polaron Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Polaron Phase Modulator icon.png
Common icon.png
[Quantum] Quantum Projectile Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Zero Point Quantum Chamber icon.png
Common icon.png
[Tetryon] Tetryon Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Tetryon Pulse Generator icon.png
Common icon.png
[Transphasic] Transphasic Projectile Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - Transphasic Compressor icon.png
Common icon.png
[Tricobalt] Tricobalt Projectile Damage +20%
Console - Tactical - TCD Subspace Infuser icon.png
Common icon.png

Scaling[edit | edit source]

The damage boost on both the generic and specific damage modifiers is equal to 2/3 what is found on normal Tactical Consoles, while the Proton damage boost is 3/4 of this altered specific damage boost (or equivalently, half what you would get from a standard Proton tactical console, if such a thing existed). As with other tactical consoles, upgraded quality corresponds to the same boost as upgraded mark level:

Weapon Damage
[Beams], etc.
[Phaser], etc.
Mk XII Rare +2.3 +14.1% +12.5% +18.8%
+2.5 +15% +13.3% +20%
Mk XIV Rare
+2.6 +15.9% +14.2% +21.3%
+2.8 +16.9% +15% +22.5%
Mk XIV UR +2.9 +17.8% +15.8% +23.8%
Mk XIV Epic +3.1 +18.8% +16.7% +25%
Scaling Factor +0.15 0.9375% 0.8(3)% 1.25%

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

You can obtain Mk XII Rare and Very Rare versions from the Dyson Equipment Requisition boxes you get as you progress through the Dyson Joint Command reputation dailies and hourlies. After completing Tier 5 of the reputation, you can also purchase Mk XII Very Rare versions from the Reputation store for 7,300Refined dilithium icon.png.