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Commendation: None page contains all the assignments without any commendation XP rewards and are based on Fleet Marks Fleet Marks, Romulan Marks Romulan Marks, items or even pets rewards.

None Commendation assignments[edit | edit source]

Assignment Duty officers Crit. Success Success Failure Disaster Duration
Analyze Remaining Protomatter in the Mutara Nebula Any Officer x4 Geologist, Matter-Antimatter Specialist, Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Logical doff.pngLogical 4h
Analyze Terran Military Command Any Officer x4 Counselor, Diplomat, Tactful doff.pngTactful, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork 4h
Analyze The State Of The Changelings Any Officer x4 Doctor, Nurse, Resilient doff.pngResilient, Resolve doff.pngResolve 4h
Analyze Tzenkethi Power Distributors Any Officer x4 Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Armory Officer, Security Officer, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork 4h
Attempt to Contact The Traveler Any Officer x4 Systems Engineer, Trader, Resolve doff.pngResolve, Congenial doff.pngCongenial 4h
Communicate with Mirror Universe Dominion Any Officer x4 Biologist, Security Officer, Resolve doff.pngResolve, Telepathic doff.pngTelepathic 4h
Connect with Rebel Cells Among Klingon-Cardassian-Bajoran Faction Any Officer x4 Assault Squad Officer, Ground Warfare Specialist, Resolve doff.pngResolve, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous 4h
Decrypt Biometric Star Charts Any Officer x4 Assault Squad Officer, Quartermaster, Resolve doff.pngResolve, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork 4h
Explore Creation of Stable Kerr Loops Using Excited Superstrings Any Officer x4 4h
Investigate The Divisiveness Of The Beverage, Root Beer Any Officer x4 Diplomat, Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Entertainer, Logical doff.pngLogical 4h
Radiation Analysis of Kemocite Reaction with Warp Plasma Any Officer x4 4h
Raise Epohh Adult - <type> Science x2 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory Biologist 1d
Raise Epohh Moppet - <type> Science x2 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory Biologist 1d
Raise Epohh Pup - <base type> Science x2 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory Biologist 1d
Research History of New Romulus Any duty officer x 1 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Tactful doff.pngTactful, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous 20h
Research Lingering Temporal Anomalies in Sarpeidon System Any Officer x4 4h
Research Tagged Epohhs 1 x Science deptreq.png Science Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Logical doff.pngLogical Biologist, Research Lab Scientist 20 hours
Research Tagged Feather Monkeys Science Officer x1 20 hours
Stop a Rogue "Mudd" Android Any Officer x4 Armory Officer, Security Officer, Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork 4h
Study Agonizer Technology to Develop Countermeasures Any Officer x4 4h
Survey Terran Troop Capability Any Officer x4 Armory Officer, Assault Squad Officer, Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork 4h
Use Manheim Effect to Expand Temporal Algorithm Predictions Any Officer x4 4h