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Commendation: Marauding

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Marauding commendation ranks are obtained through collecting commendation XP gained by duty officer assignments offered to players of the Klingon Empire.

It corresponds to the diplomatic commendation branch for Federation players.

Commendation tiers[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 - Raider Rank Cxp Marauder 1.png[edit | edit source]

  • 2,500 Commendation XP required
  • Accolade "Corsair"
  • "Corsair" Title

Tier 2 - Privateer Rank Cxp Marauder 2.png[edit | edit source]

Tier 3 - Pirate Rank Cxp Marauder 3.png[edit | edit source]

Tier 4 - Marauder Rank Cxp Marauder 4.png[edit | edit source]

Marauding assignments[edit | edit source]

Assignment Duty officers Crit. Success Success Failure Disaster Duration
Appropriate Artifacts from Archaelogical Site in the <sector> Sector Research Lab Scientist x 1, Any duty officer x 1 Cunning doff.pngCunning, Logical doff.pngLogical, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous Research Lab Scientist Unruly doff.pngUnruly, Honorable doff.pngHonorable Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Honorable doff.pngHonorable, Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful 20h
Assemble War Conference Regarding Dominion Fugitives from Facility 4028 Tactical or Security x 2, Any duty officer x 2 Assault Squad Officer, Security Officer, Tactful doff.pngTactful, Resolve doff.pngResolve, Telekinesis doff.pngTelekinesis Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Honorable doff.pngHonorable Founders of the Federation doff.pngFounders of the Federation 20h
Assist Planning Raid on Caitian Research Station Tactical x 3 Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Cunning doff.pngCunning, Unruly doff.pngUnruly Tactical Stubborn doff.pngStubborn Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful 8h
Black Market Provisioning 1 x Doff dept Klingon Security.png Security Officer / Doff dept Klingon Civilian.png Advisor, 2 x Any duty officer Cunning doff.pngCunning, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous Advisor, Security Officer, Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Honorable doff.pngHonorable 8h
Deliver Prototype <type> Any duty officer x 1 Cunning doff.pngCunning, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous Trader 20h
Disable <race> Freighter Tactical x1, Operations x1 Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous Energy Weapons Officer, Projectile Weapons Officer, Tractor Beam Officer Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful 2h
Experiment with Feasibility of Assassination Utilizing Telekinesis Trait: Resolve/doff,Trait: Unscrupulous/doff Security Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Honorable doff.pngHonorable, Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Honorable doff.pngHonorable, Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful, {{{12}}}
Purchase Prisoners from Orion Slavers Any duty officer x 1 Cunning doff.pngCunning, Seductive doff.pngSeductive, Unscrupulous doff.pngUnscrupulous Trader Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Honorable doff.pngHonorable Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Honorable doff.pngHonorable 8h
Ransom Prisoner Prisoner Logical doff.pngLogical, Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful Prisoner Stubborn doff.pngStubborn, Unruly doff.pngUnruly Aggressive doff.pngAggressive 20h
Scavenge Battle Wreckage from Skirmish 1 x Doff dept Klingon Engineering.png Fabrication Engineer, 1 x Doff dept Klingon Operations.png Quartermaster, 1 x Doff dept Klingon Engineering.png Engineering
or Doff dept Klingon Operations.png Operations
Cunning doff.pngCunning, Efficient doff.pngEfficient Fabrication Engineer, Quartermaster 45m
Scavenge Minefield 3 x Engineering or Operations Cunning doff.pngCunning, Efficient doff.pngEfficient Explosives Expert, Quartermaster 45m
Unauthorized Raid on Illegal <Species> Colony 1x Tactical or 1x Security, 1x Operations, 1x Any Officer 8h