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Commendation: Exploration

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Exploration commendation ranks are obtained through collecting commendation XP gained by duty officer assignments and (to a smaller portion) by the “Tour the Galaxy” event.

Commendation tiers[edit | edit source]

Tier 1 - Surveyor Rank Cxp Exploration 1.png[edit | edit source]

  • 2,500 Commendation XP required
  • Accolade "Surveyor"
  • "Surveyor" Title

Tier 2 - Forerunner Rank Cxp Exploration 2.png[edit | edit source]

  • 15,000 Commendation XP required
  • Accolade "Forerunner"
  • "Forerunner" Title

Tier 3 - Explorer Rank Cxp Exploration 3.png[edit | edit source]

  • 50,000 Commendation XP required
  • Accolade "Explorer"
  • "Explorer" Title

Tier 4 - Master Explorer Rank Cxp Exploration 4.png[edit | edit source]

  • 100,000 Commendation XP required
  • Accolade "Master Explorer"
  • "Master Explorer" Title

Exploration missions[edit | edit source]

  • “Tour the Galaxy”: Each collection of blocks of space (Federation, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, Deferi, Borg, Undine) you visit rewards 50 exploration CXP. The bonus for visiting all locations is another 50 exploration CXP, thereby adding up to 400 exploration CXP.

Note: Missions titled "Explore the [name] System/Cluster" do NOT award exploration CXP.

Exploration assignments[edit | edit source]

Assignment Duty officers Crit. Success Success Failure Disaster Duration
Advanced Scouting Party - Allied Frontier (Subspace Fields) Tactical or Security x1, Engineering or Operations x1, Science x3 Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory, Free-Thinker doff.pngFree-Thinker, Resolve doff.pngResolve Tactical, Security, Engineering, Operations, Science Emotional doff.pngEmotional, Peaceful doff.pngPeaceful 20h
Analyze Probe for Alien Artifacts Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory Photonic Studies Scientist 30m
Analyze Signatures for Residual Photonic Technology Science x1
[[* Any duty officer x1|Trait: Eidetic Memory/doff]] Gravimetric Scientist, Photonic Studies Scientist, Sensors Officer , , , ,
Analyze Unknown Alloy Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory, Logical doff.pngLogical Geologist, Research Lab Scientist, Fabrication Engineer 30m
Analyze Xenobiological Apparatus for Genetic Sequencers Science Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory, Logical doff.pngLogical Biologist, Development Lab Scientist 1h
Catalog Local Binary Pairs Science 4h
Colonial Site Surveying in the <star cluster>. Science x 1, Any duty officer x 2 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Logical doff.pngLogical Science, Medical 1h
Colony Site Survey in the <star cluster>. Science x1, Any x2 Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Logical doff.pngLogical Science, Medical 1h
Decipher Strange Markings on Alien Artifact Research Lab Scientist 4h
Extract Draconis System Minerals Any Officer x5 Resilient doff.pngResilient, Stubborn doff.pngStubborn, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork Miner, Geologist, Maintenance Engineer Aggressive doff.pngAggressive, Unruly doff.pngUnruly 18h
Investigate Temporal Anomaly Tactical x1, Any duty officer x2 Logical doff.pngLogical, Resilient doff.pngResilient, Telepathic doff.pngTelepathic Conn Officer, Science Unruly doff.pngUnruly Unruly doff.pngUnruly 2h
Investigate Unmanned Jem'Hadar Warship Security Officer Logical doff.pngLogical, Teamwork doff.pngTeamwork Security Officer Unruly doff.pngUnruly Unruly doff.pngUnruly 20h
Locate Caitian Diaspora Site x1 Astrometrics Scientist, x1 Advisor Efficient doff.pngEfficient, Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory, Logical doff.pngLogical Astrometrics Scientist, Advisor 12h
Reverse Engineer Alien Personal Shield Technology 1h
Scan Particle Geyser for Methogenic Particles Eidetic Memory doff.pngEidetic Memory Gravimetric Scientist 1h