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The Tardigrade, caught in a firefight, taking down Klingon boarders

The Tardigrade was a sentient, multi-dimensional creature whose unique genetic makeup allowed it to navigate the mycelial network by incorporating Prototaxites stellaviatori DNA in its genome through horizontal gene transfer. While it only fights in defense, its strength and resilience is formidable.

Its exact origins were unclear, but it came aboard the U.S.S. Glenn due to their stored supply of Prototaxites stellaviatori. After the loss of the ship, it was taken aboard the U.S.S. Discovery before being released.

The term Tardigrade was an informal one, as it shared characteristics with the Tardigrade of Earth. It was also given the name Ripper by Commander Ellen Landry. It is referred to as "the specimen" by Justin Straal.

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Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • A [Combat Trained Tardigrade] combat ground pet is available from the C-Store for 400 Zen small icon.png. By default, the Tardigrade will guard you. Select an ally and then summon the tardigrade to have it guard your ally. The Combat-Trained Tardigrade is able to perform devastating slashes, and it can tackle an enemy, disabling it and tossing all other nearby enemies away. The Combat-Trained Tardigrade remains with you until it is out of combat for a short while, until defeated, or after 5 minutes - whatever comes first.
    • "Combat-Trained Tardigrades are heavy melee threats, capable of dealing significant physical damage with their claws, detaining opponents, and tossing enemies around through their sheer bulk. Like many species, Tardigrades display a variety of different personalities and proclivities. Some particularly robust individuals appear to relish combat. Given the species' lack of natural predatory drive, our best guess is that they simply enjoy the activity. Some of the Tardigrades who voluntarily sought out conflict have been trained for combat on the modern battlefield. Despite the risk of injury, Combat-Trained Tardigrades given the choice prefer the real thing over simulations. Wise captains indulge this behavior."
  • A [Tardigrade Companion] non-combat ground pet is available from the Age of Discovery Starter Pack. This pet does not have any offensive abilities and will go away if combat starts. Green and blue versions of this Tardigrade have been in giveaways on the console versions of Star Trek Online. They are known as Verdant and Cobalt respectively.
    • "This exotic entity possesses a low-level sentience that is mostly inscrutible[sic]. It is known to have a special affinity for mycelial lifeforms, and is prone to vanish for extended periods of time. Unsubstantiated rumors suggests it spends this time traveling the galaxy via some mysterious innate abilities it possesses, but observations of this phenomenon have not yet been documented. At least, not in any known declassified documents. The tardigrade has taken a liking to you, for an unknown reason."
  • [Ground Non-Combat Pet Pack - Tardigrade Adoption Agency Companion] from the Lobi Store provides one of the below for 30 Lobi Crystal icon.png. They are smaller, uniquely themed Tardigrade's tied to an Adoption Agency promotional event prior to the release of Mirror of Discovery.
    • Arty Tardigrade
    • Lieutenant Tardigrade
    • Party Tardigrade
    • Skipper Tardigrade
    • Smarty Tardigrade
  • Certain giveaways have also included the title "Tardigrade Wrangler".

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