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Orion Coldstar
Active (2410)

The Coldstar is an Orion Syndicate vessel commanded by Varh. It is equipped with a cloaking device.

Crew[edit | edit source]

  • Varh: Na'kuhl captain and helmsman. Married to Onna.
  • Onna: Ferengi first officer and engineer. Married to Varh.
  • Louann Wilkins: Human infiltration specialist. She and Big Kor are a couple.
  • Big Kor: Klingon security chief. He is mute, and communicates via sign language. He and Louann Wilkins are a couple.
  • Lontus: Orion former captain. Overthrown by the crew after he attempted to leave them for dead.

Other involvement[edit | edit source]

  • "Price of Freedom: At Shangdu on Nimbus III, a team is assembled by an Orion named Lontus to attack and capture a Risian yacht, and capture an unidentified VIP passenger to hold for ransom. The job is a failure; the yacht is heavily damaged, and the only passenger recovered is a Human infant. When Lontus attempts to leave the team for dead aboard the yacht, they disable and capture his ship, the Cleaver, and rechristen it the Coldstar.
  • "Fortunes of War and Peace": Onna and Varh meet with their crew's current employer, Amarie, at Drozana Station. Amarie congratulates the two on their recent marriage, and Onna asks to get down to business. The pair successfully captured a Suliban, along with the data he had stolen from Amarie, and are prepared to hand him over. Amarie reveals that the stolen data consisted of specifications for a weapons system, to be installed on her new Amarie-class vessels. Amarie states that she believes Omag to be responsible for hiring the Suliban, and says she'll contact them if they need someone to bring him in.
  • "Of Profits, and an Ill Wind": The crew of the Coldstar transports Quark through the Bajoran wormhole to the planet Karemma, which is under attack by the Hur'q. Beaming down to the planet, they are able to fend off a Hur'q attack and reach a Karemman contact.
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