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Cloaked Intentions

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The Federation episode "Romulan Mystery" includes the missions of this episode as well as further Starfleet-specific missions.

Cloaked Intentions (for Klingon players Romulan Mystery, for Romulan players Freedom, originally released as "Romulan Featured Episode") is an episode, i.e. chain of missions, for Klingon Empire- and Romulan Republic-players about the Romulan Star Empire's secret research on Borg technology and Empress Sela's collaboration with the mysterious and powerful Iconians.

List of missions[edit | edit source]

Lvl Episode Name Giver Release Date
25+ Prologue (Romulan Republic-only) “Toward Freedom” Kererek 21 May, 2013
25+ 1 “The Vault” T'nae / Temek 5 February, 2011
25+ 2 “Mine Enemy” T'nae / Temek 12 February, 2011
25+ 3 “Frozen” T'nae / Temek 19 February, 2011
25+ 4 “Coliseum” Obisek 26 February, 2011
25+ 5 “Cutting the Cord” T'nae / Temek 5 March, 2011
25+ Epilogue “Darkness Before the Dawn” T'nae / Temek 5 March, 2011
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