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The Chronology of the Galaxy gives an overview over historic events and the timeline of Star Trek Online. The current in-game year is 2410 (see notes below).

History[edit | edit source]

Distant past[edit | edit source]

See also Pre-22nd Century.

In the time before the 22nd century, many ancient civilizations arose and declined. Iconians, Preservers and the Tkon Empire are some of the oldest known races of the Milky Way. History also paved the way for space exploration and conquests on several notable Alpha and Beta Quadrant worlds, among them Vulcan, Romulus, Qo'noS and Earth.

22nd Century[edit | edit source]

See also 22nd Century.

The 22nd Century marked the first steps of Humanity into deep space and the founding of the United Federation of Planets. It also saw several notable first contacts.

23rd Century[edit | edit source]

See also 23rd Century.

The 23rd Century marked a time of unstable politics and constant power struggles in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. However, seeds were sown that led to a period of relative peace in the following century.

24th Century[edit | edit source]

See also 24th Century.

The beginning of the 24th Century is marked by a relative peaceful time for the Federation. However, several large-scale conflicts and catastrophes drastically changed the Alpha and Beta Quadrants since the 2360s. This time also marked the beginning of the exploration of the Delta and Gamma Quadrants by Starfleet.

25th Century[edit | edit source]

See also 25th Century.

So far the 25th Century is defined mostly by war and unrest in the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. While at war with each other, the Federation and the Klingon Empire also face threats by the Borg, the Undine, the Iconians, the Dominion and an unstable Romulan Star Empire, among many others.

Future[edit | edit source]

See also Future.

After the 25th Century, the Federation as well as other factions begin to use time travel on a regular basis. The Temporal Cold War includes time traveling factions from the 27th through 31st centuries.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The in-game year[edit | edit source]

The first on-screen confirmation that it is now 2410.
  • The largest part of the story of Star Trek Online takes place in the year 2409 and for a long time, developers and writers have avoided any direct mention of the in-game year. As of “Cold Storage”, the year has advanced to 2410.
  • Stardates given within the game (e.g. in the personal mission log) advance in real time, and correspond to the year 2416 by now; this has no relevance to the plot of the game, and does not represent the Stardate in the STO timeline.

Timeline of Star Trek Online[edit | edit source]

This early promotional image shows the setting of Star Trek Online in relation to the Prime Universe and Alternate Universe
  • Star Trek Online takes place in what among Star Trek fans is called the "Prime Universe". This is the story continuity, which includes the events of all the Star Trek television series. The events of the "Kelvin Timeline" (as depicted in the 2009 Star Trek film) are part a separate timeline and have a minimal effect on the events of the game.
  • The timeline articles concentrate on events that are relevant to Star Trek Online. More detailed information about general Star Trek lore can be found at Memory Alpha.
  • Information that is not derived directly from in-game sources (such as system descriptions or NPCs) mostly comes from the novel The Needs of the Many, the official Star Trek Online website's Lore Blogs, and the Original Fiction short stories published in Star Trek Magazine.
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