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This categoty page had previously been deleted in 2010. I resurrected it because it is an important link in the category "drill-down" chain, on the way from higher level categories, such as Omega Leonis Sector Block, to lower level categories such as Klingon Academy.

It is also populated automatically by various templates, such as the planet template, and by manually inserted category links. It may well be that many pages that should be included here, have not been, simply because this category had been marked deleted and people didn't link them or weren't bold enough to resurrect the category. Pages such as First City.

Finally, I noticed in the guidelines that this wiki, unlike certain others does not delete pages over style issues. at worst the category page should have been marked as a stub if the deletor felt it did not contain enough information. (Category pages generally only contain links to higher level categories anyway). The amount of space used in the database for these pages is trivial.

--Tahno (talk) 00:44, 5 September 2013 (UTC)