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These assignments can be found in the Allied Zone of the Solanae Dyson Sphere.

  • Desktop: They are not found in the Duty Officer Assignment tabs (Current Sector or Personal), but instead appear as Low Priority Interactions as you travel through the zone.
  • Console: These appear under the corresponding Commendation listings. When checking "Priority Actions" and selecting "Duty Officer Assignment", a dialog will appear with one of your Bridge Officers, indicating the Neighborhood (e.g. Ion Stream), and noting "<Rank>, there are special duty assignments available here.", along with a selectable control for "Duty Officer Assignment (<Commendation>)". Selecting this will generate a System message of "[LegacyFloaterMsg] A new Duty Officer Assignment is available!", and switch to the Duty Officers system. However, once the UI switches, it will move to Featured > Personal, with no additional assignment(s) listed. Instead, it appears in the listing for the <Commendation> noted in the control.