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Career path

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Starfleet uniform code for the three departments

In Star Trek Online, players may choose one of three career paths (sometimes also classes, previously called "professions") they wish their character to follow (Tactical, Engineering, Science). Although originally based on Starfleet's departments, players of any faction have to decide for a career path during character creation. Like the player's race, a career path is a permanent choice that cannot be altered later in game.

Although each career path offers certain bonuses towards specific play-styles in space and ground combat (e.g., damage dealing, or healing, or robustness), character roles are not very rigidly defined in Star Trek Online, and any character may fly any ship, wear any uniform, and equip almost any item (the only career-specific items being kits). Although Bridge Officers are likewise categorized into the three career paths, they solely determine the pool of abilities they have access to.

In general, career specific elements in Star Trek Online encompass:

Tactical[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png
Common icon.png
Tactical Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png
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Starfleet Tactical patch.png
Tactical officers are most useful in the DPS or Damage roles; they do their best work while dealing damage to enemies in ground and space combat. Tactical officers usually wear red and are best matched with Escort vessels (Federation) and Raiders or Raptors (Klingon Empire), which are also the best starships in terms of inflicting damage to enemies. They do this through maximizing the damage output of their Energy (Beams & Cannons) and Projectile weaponry (Torpedoes & Mines), and through increasing that potential through Attack Patterns (α, β, Δ, and Ω).
In ground combat, tactical kits give powers that allow the player to put out increased damage as well as spike damage (one-time concentrated bursts of firepower), AoE (Area of Effect) damage via grenades, and abilities that improve the damage output and staying power of allies.
Unique traits

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Engineering Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png
Common icon.png
Engineering Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png
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SCE patch.png
Engineering officers are best suited to the Healer and Tank roles. Engineers wear the color gold for their uniforms and are ideally matched with Cruisers (Federation) and Battle Cruisers (Klingon Empire), which are also best suited for tanking. Tanks take the brunt of damage in battle and try to attract all enemies to themselves, while the DPS or Damage players do the majority of the actual firing and damage. As healers, Engineers are adept at healing hull damage, although they also have strong shield healing. Their focus is primarily on survivability and resilience in space combat, while supporting their Away Team in both space and ground combat with fixed-position automated weaponry, shield and medical generators, technological buffs, and other repairs and improvements.
In ground combat, engineering kits generally involve fabricating turrets and shields, supporting your team with weapon buffs and seeker as well as support drones, and laying mine barriers and bombs.
Unique traits

Science[edit | edit source]

Science Officer Candidate icon (Federation).png
Common icon.png
Science Officer Candidate icon (Klingon).png
Common icon.png
Starfleet Science patch.png
Science officers are most useful in the Healer and "Buffer/Debuffer" roles, where they provide healing and buffs for allies (and themselves), as well as powers that weaken and disable enemy NPCs. Science officers wear the color blue and are ideally matched with Science Vessels (Federation) and Support/Science Vessels (Klingon Empire), ship classes whose bonus is to weaken and control their enemies, and provide some healing on the side.
In ground combat, science kits offer team healing and AoE (Area of Effect) damage, but can also grant abilities that control or debuff enemy resiliency, damage and movement.
Unique traits
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