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Cardassian Struggle

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"Cardassian Struggle" (previously simply known as the Cardassian Front; for Klingon players Dominion Domination) is an episode, i.e. chain of missions, dealing with the threat to the Cardassian Union by the True Way and a New Link, as well as the incursion of Terran Empire forces into our own universe.

List of missions of Cardassian Struggle[edit | edit source]

Cross-faction missions[edit | edit source]

Lvl Name Giver
35+ “Lost and Found” Jorel Quinn / J'mpok / Kererek
35+ “Spoils of War” Sarish Minna
35+ “Jabberwocky” Sarish Minna
35+ “The Factory” Sarish Minna
35+ “The New Link” Sarish Minna
42+ “Second Wave” [1] Mesi Achebe
43+ “Of Bajor” [1] Mesi Achebe
43+ “Operation Gamma” [1] Mesi Achebe
44+ “Facility 4028” [1] Mesi Achebe
44+ “Boldly They Rode” [1] Mesi Achebe
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Originally released as "Feature episode 4: The 2800".

Federation-only missions[edit | edit source]

Diplomacy missions
Lvl Name Giver
10+ “Standoff” Cadet Samua
31+ “Temple Offerings” Captain James Kurland
Lvl Sector Associated Patrols Giver
30 Cardassia Sector “Patrol the Reimers System”, “Patrol the Elwing System”, “Patrol the Kinjun System” Commander Adina Charles
31 Trill Sector “Patrol the Toron System”, “Patrol the Malon System”, “Patrol the Lateri System” Commander Adina Charles
33 Kalandra Sector “Patrol the Culver System”, “Patrol the Liuen System”, “Patrol the Chapel System” Commander Adina Charles
34 Algira Sector “Patrol the Dubhe System”, “Patrol the Shahr System”, “Patrol the Lilsis System” Commander Adina Charles
36 Almatha Sector “Patrol the Corwin System”, “Patrol the Aria System”, “Patrol the Caralun System” Commander Adina Charles
37 Dorvan Sector “Patrol the Obrom System”, “Patrol the Aokii System”, “Patrol the Andoss System” Commander Adina Charles
38 Orias Sector “Patrol the Phi System”, “Patrol the Enocha System”, “Patrol the Crown System” Commander Adina Charles
39 Vanden Sector “Patrol the Mec System”, “Patrol the Mryax System”, “Patrol the Vestalan System” Commander Adina Charles
41 Arawath Sector “Bavar System Patrol”, “Lahra System Patrol”, “Kalesta System Patrol” Commander Adina Charles
42 Kora Sector “Mirish System Patrol”, “B'lii System Patrol”, “Oradhe System Patrol” Commander Adina Charles

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