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Overview[edit | edit source]

Capture and Hold is a commonly known style of Player versus Player team based game play, and is used in quite a few MMORPGs and first person shooters. In Star Trek Online players must capture influence points located around the instance, and attempt to hold them for their side to reduce the enemy's influence. When one sides influence has reached zero, they have lost the game.

Capture and Hold currently only has one map which is called Salvage Operation in the Ajilon System, and is available in a large size (20 players, 10 versus 10) or a small size (10 players, 5 versus 5) map. It is playable by using the queue system attached to the minimap.

Game Information[edit | edit source]

Influence[edit | edit source]

Capture and Hold games in Star Trek Online revolve around "influence". Each team starts with 1,200 influence and must attempt to capture points around the map to reduce the opposing teams influence. This influence can never increase and can only deplete.

When one team has at least three influence points on the map fully in their control, the opposing team will start lose influence. The rate that opposing team loses influence depends on how much influence they currently have and how many influence points around the map the players team has.

Heads-Up Display[edit | edit source]

When players are involved in a Capture and Hold game they are given access to an "Area Control" section on the heads-up display which gives information about the battle taking place. The "Points", "Defeats", "Damage" and "Healing" sections of this part of the HUD are of little relevance for this game type and should be ignored.

The important section of this is the "Starfleet Influence" and "Klingon Influence". They show the influence that each team still have remaining, and how close they are to zero. Players should keep a close watch on this information.

Area Control

Icons[edit | edit source]

Each influence point around the map has an icon present on top of it to represent its current state. There are a few forms of each icon to further indicate the state of the point which are explained below. The icons also have different sizes, although the size of the icon is nothing more than a visual aid for players and when the player is far away from a point it will be large; when they are close-up the icon will be small.

Faction icons[edit | edit source]

Federation held resource point This icon represents that the point is totally under Starfleet control and is currently contributing to the downfall of the Klingon Empires influence, provided that it is held with at least two other Starfleet controlled influence points. Enemy players should turn the attention to these points if the need arises depending on the current progress of the game.
This icon indicates that the point is under Klingon Control and is contributing to the depletion of influence of the Starfleet team. Starfleet players should be looking to address these locations if they have less than three points in their control to stop the Klingons from reducing their influence. Klingon players should be looking to defend them. Klingon Empire held resource point
Neutral resource point The Neutral icon represents an point that is currently not under control by either Starfleet or the Klingons. These points should be taken as soon as possible as neutral points are quicker to take than enemy points you are attempting to assault.

Point Status Icons[edit | edit source]

As well as icons representing Starfleet, Klingon and Neutral control, there are also icons which represent the state that the point is in. These icons are seen for both Klingon and Starfleet. The "In Control" icon is a deep/rich color. The "Being Captured" icon has an average tone to the color of the icon. The "Under Assault" icon is near white in color.

Although the color difference between the "In Control" and "Being Captured" icon is very visible in the pictures shown, it is much harder to notice in game and players should learn to spot the differences in the icons. The "Under Assault" icon is very visible in game due to the white color it adopts.

For some additional examples of these icons appearing together on screen, see the shots below:

Capturing[edit | edit source]

When players want to capture a point they will have to move very close to the point in question to start capturing it. Klingon Empire players are unable to capture a point whilst under the effects of their Cloak (or Battle Cloak) and will have to drop it to start the capture. If the Klingon player is alone and was attempting to capture a point and cloaks mid-way through the capture process, the progress is lost and they will have to restart the attempt.

If players of both teams are in the immediate area of the influence point, then any change that was currently in progress will be halted until only one faction remains.

The process of capturing a point is sometimes shortened to: cap/capping (capturing the point) or de-cap/de-capping (removing control of the point from the opposing faction).

Capturing an Enemy Point[edit | edit source]

When a player attempts to capture an enemy point, it will start as a rich colored icon as shown above. It will then turn into a white colored icon when the player moves close enough. After a small period of time this icon will turn to a neutral state, then immediately turn into an average color tone of the players faction. After another period of time, this icon will turn rich in color and will be under the players factions control.

Capturing a Neutral Point[edit | edit source]

Neutral points are much easier to capture in terms of how long it takes and should be focused on. The icon will start as the default X surrounded by a circle white icon. When the player comes close, it will turn into the players faction icon with an average color tone. After the player(s) spent a short period of time in the immediate area the icon will turn rich in color and be fully under their control and the player(s) can move on to another objective.

Cancelling a Capture Attempt[edit | edit source]

Cancelling a capture attempt, whether it be on purpose or by accident, is done in a few ways:

  • Entering a cloaked state whilst capturing
  • Straying to far from the point
  • Being destroyed while at the point

If the player was attempting to capture the point from a neutral state and aborts the process, the point will return to a neutral state. If the player was trying to capture it from the opposing faction then it will return to a state dependant on how far the player was into the capture process. If the player reached the point where he/she switched the icon past the neutral point and into his/her teams faction but didn't get it all the way to a rich color it will return to neutral. If the state was changed only from the opposing factions rich color to an average color tone, it will return to a rich color state.

Time to Capture[edit | edit source]

The time it takes to capture a point depends on how many friendly players are in the immediate area, and the more players that are there, the less time it will take although the current times for how long it takes per person added is unknown.

Maps[edit | edit source]

Ajilon System: Salvage Operation[edit | edit source]

This map is available to players from Tier 1 to 5. It is a reasonable sized area that has five points that players can attempt to claim. These are:
  • Asteroid Refinery
  • Salvage Shipyard
  • Destroyed Station Sensor Array
  • Unknown left side
  • Astrogeology Lab

All points are of equal distance away from both spawn areas (shown on the map at the top and bottom middle sections of the area) except for the Astrogeology Lab and Asteroid Refinery. The Astrogeology Lab is located closer to the Federations output, and the other is close to the Klingons outpost. These points should be easiest to control for their respective sides given the distance away from their bases.

Salvage Operation

Tactics[edit | edit source]

General[edit | edit source]

  • There are many areas of the Salvage Operation map where players can use the environment to their advantage, given that opposing players require a line of sight to fire at you.

Starfleet[edit | edit source]

Klingon[edit | edit source]

  • Cloaking allows players to get to areas in the map that would otherwise be hard to get to due to enemy interference. This allows Klingon ships to covertly de-cap or cap points.

Notes and Bugs[edit | edit source]

  • The time is takes to capture a point can depend on server lag due the server taking extra time to recognize the player as being in the area.