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Captain Specializations are a form of skill progression that is opened after completing the achieving Level 50 and completing the main Skill Tree. Starting from the Level 51, including it, each level-up provides an additional specialization point. After reaching the level cap (currently set to level 60), specialization points can still be earned by filling the skill-point bar the same way as one does to progress through the levels. These points can be spent on acquiring specialization abilities, which form a set of specialization trees.

There are two types of specializations trees: Primary and Secondary. A player can choose a single primary specialization and a single secondary one. In Delta Rising, three specializations were released: the primary Intelligence Officer, the secondary Pilot, and the secondary Commando. Once a specialization tree is made active, all the abilities in it become available and/or applicable. Additionally, progression in a specialization tree may provide certain unlocks that remain available even for inactive specializations.

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