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This article lists calendar events that occurred only a single time or used to be recurring but have been removed from the game.

Removed and one-time journal events[edit | edit source]

Event Description Duration
Bonus Foundry Weekend Event All qualifying Foundry missions will reward a choice of Reputation Marks as an additional reward during the Bonus Foundry weekend event. 4 days Foundry closed on April 11, 2019
Rebirth Players could log in to the Redshirt test server to play the original 2009 launch build of Star Trek Online. 2 Days Was active April 1-2, 2015
Dilithium Bonus Get a Free EV Suit for “Asteroid Mining”. As a bonus incentive, pick up a free recolored EV suit at the dilithium mining outpost in Beta Ursae sector block. 4 Days Was active March 23-26, 2012
“The Next Generation: 25th Anniversary” To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a mini-mission was offered that asked you to go to speak with Worf in the Holodeck of either Starfleet or Klingon Academy. 5 Days Was active July 19-24, 2012
Ground Invasion of Defera During this event Defera Prime comes under attack by the Borg and player have a chance to participate in easy, medium and hard missions on to earn Energy Credits, special loot unique to this event and more. 180 This content is now always available
Time to Craft! Enjoy a 20% reduction in the amount of non-replicatable materials needed for Crafting items at Memory Alpha or Qo'noS while this event is active. 60 Removed on January 30, 2014
“Mirror Universe Incursion” While this event is active, Starfleet and KDF officers level 10-50 and 20-50, respectively, may join the fight against the Mirror Universe and earn bonus XP for every starship you defeat as well as 480 Dilithium Ore per round. 60 Revamped version occurs as a featured-tfo
The Path to 2409 Complete your daily Lore missions while this event is active and you'll earn an extra data chip. 60 Removed on January 30, 2014
Multiphasic Event Search for Anomalies while this event is active and you will earn bonus Data samples and Particle traces for use at Memory Alpha or Qo'noS. 60 Removed on January 30, 2014
Tour the Universe Test your ship and crew with a race across Sector Space for Energy Credits. To pick up the mission; Starfleet officers talk to Jay Yim in Club 47 and KDF officers talk to Targak in the First City bar. 60 Now available as Daily mission
“Academy Event” Help cadets at Starfleet Academy and the Klingon Academy while this event is active for a chance to earn Dilithium Ore Containers. 60 Now occurs as a weekend event
Officer Reports Play missions that other players have created using the Foundry during this event and earn bonus rewards! 60 Removed on January 30, 2014
Dilithium Mining Earn extra dilithium ore while this event is active. Head to the asteroid field near Bajor, in the Beta Ursae Sector Block, and don an EV Suit to engage in dilithium mining 60 Now occurs as a weekend event
Vault Shuttle Event Earn extra Romulan Marks by completing the “Vault Shuttle Event” while this event is active. 60 Now occurs as a weekend event
Bonus Marks Event During this time, specific queued events and content will reward bonus marks. 120 Now occurs as a weekend event
Galactic events Players can contribute to Global objectives to earn server-wide bonuses the following week: 3-4 weeks Aftermath of the Iconian war
Featured Episodes Replay Event Earn special rewards for replaying certain missions from the Featured episode series. 1 week -
Phoenix Prize Pack Returns! Players may visit the Dilithium Store to purchase a Phoenix Prize Packs, and claim it for free once per account, once each day while the promotion is active. Each time this is claimed, players will also receive a 1x-Use version of the "Phoenix Replica Smallcraft" Admiralty Ship. 1 week Always available in the dil store as of 04/12/2019