Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo

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Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo Leveless icon.png
Rare icon.png
Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo
Rare Ship Weapon
Character Bind On Pickup
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

Transphasic Cluster Torpedo
Destructible Projectile that Deploys Mines (Kinetic Damage with 20% Bonus Shield Penetration)
90' targeting arc
Launches a level __ Transphasic Cluster Torpedo:
Creates 10 level __ Transphasic Mines in a wide pattern:
__ Kinetic Damage (40% Shield Penetration) per mine (40% Shield Penetration) per mine
45 sec recharge
Value: 0 Energy credit icon.png

Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedoes launch a single fragile torpedo that will drop a series of automatic mines. When a hostile target gets close, the mines will activate and chase the target before detonating with a heavy kinetic damage blast. Shields drastically reduce the effects of kinetic damage.

The Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo is a special reward gained from “Out in the Cold” and the level of the deployed transphasic mines will match the player's level.

Transphasic Cluster Torpedo[edit | edit source]

A high yield Transphasic Cluster Torpedo detonates and then scatters Transphasic Mines near the target.

  • Targets Foe
  • 90' target arc
  • 10 kilometer range
  • 45 sec recharge
  • Creates 10 Level X Transphasic Mines in a wide pattern

Mechanics[edit | edit source]

The 20% shield penetration bonus works by reducing the innate penetration resistance of shields. The penetration resistance is 90% for most shields, and it will be reduced to 72% against transphasic weapons, which is equivalent to a bleedthrough of 28%. For resilient shields, the bleedthrough will be 24% against transphasic weapons.

There is a minimum "arming distance" of 1.5km for the torpedo to release the mines in a successful attack.

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo does not come with modifiers suffixes, as other weapons normally do, as it is a Rare item on its own.

This weapon is not enhanced by the Boff abiliites that affect most torpedoes and mines: Dispersal Pattern Alpha, Dispersal Pattern Beta, Torpedo: High Yield, and Torpedo: Spread do nothing. However, this weapon also does not start a cooldown on other torpedoes when fired.

Upgrading[edit | edit source]

The Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo Mk XII can be upgraded using the Projectile Weapons Tech Upgrades or Universal Tech Upgrades. It will receive an additional modifier on successful rarity improvement:

Rarity [Mod] Effect
Ultra Rare [CrtH] +X% Critical Hit
Epic [Dm\Dm] +X Damage
+X Damage

Skill Rank Effects
Starship Weapons Training Lieutenant All weapon damage.
Starship Projectile Weapons Lt. Commander Kinetic weapon damage.
Starship Targeting Systems Commander Weapon accuracy.
Starship Projectile Weapon Specialization Admiral Kinetic critical hit chance and severity.
Icon Console Name Effects
Console - Tactical - Variable Geometry Detonators icon.pngCommon icon.png Variable Geometry Detonators Mine damage.
Console - Tactical - Transphasic Compressor icon.pngCommon icon.png Transphasic Compressor Transphasic Projectile damage.
Console - Universal - Assimilated Module icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Assimilated Module +0.92% Critical Chance.
+9.2% Critical Severity.
Console - Tachyokinetic Converter icon.png
Rare icon.png
Tachyokinetic Converter +0.76% Critical Chance.
+7.6% Critical Severity.
Console - Zero-Point Energy Conduit icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Zero-Point Energy Conduit +1.8% Critical Chance.
Console - Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console icon.png
Rare icon.png
Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console +11% Mine and Torpedo Damage.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • At the time of writing this (March 2013), the weapon appears to bug out randomly, making it very unreliable: at times it rarely ever works (cooldown starts but no projectile is actually launched in most attempts) while at other times it works perfectly every single time on the same ship under the same circumstances. (It may be possible such problems are not observed by everybody)

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