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Breen Tactical Officer Candidate

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The male Breen Bridge Officer candidate (defected from the Breen Confederacy) is a Very Rare, unique reward for completion of the last mission of the Breen Featured Episode Series, “Cold Storage” before 3am PDT on October 15th 2010 and during the feature episode rerun from December 6th, 2012 to January 14th, 2013.

He is a Tactical officer and depending on the player's faction a Starfleet Ensign or KDF Warrior.

Due to the Breen environmental suit and mask, this officer is not customizable like standard bridge officers. Players are not able to change body type, facial characteristics, or add custom uniforms to him.

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Trading and Training[edit | edit source]

This officer is awarded as a candidate when you claim it from the “Cold Storage” mission rewards. In its candidate form it is unbound and can be traded between characters, players, or sold on the exchange.

When the officer is commissioned it becomes bound, and cannot be trained by other captains.

Note: As of the Featured Episode replay event starting 6/30/2016, the above is no longer true, and the officer is now bound in cantidate form as well when received.

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